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A robotic hand using a paint brush.

Portrait Created By AI Sells for $430k

When Christie’s announced it would be auctioning off its first AI-generated portrait, the fine arts company expected the piece to sell for less than $10,000. Much to everyone’s surprise, it sold for much higher: $430,000, to be exact.  The portrait, which the BBC describes as “grainy and unfinished,” raised questions about the role of technology […]

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A painting titled, “Three Tahitian Women,” by Paul Gauguin (1896).

Do Museums Romanticize Exploitation?

What do Picasso, Balthus, and Gauguin have in common? Aside from being some of the world’s most celebrated artists, all three derived much of their success from exploiting the female gender. Balthus, for example, sexualized prepubescent girls—who were the subjects of many of his highly prized works. Gauguin was a pedophile who had three child […]

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A sign that reads,

Debate Over Trigger Warnings Sparks a Rift in the Art World

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is at the center of a heated controversy after it posted a trigger warning ahead of a live show. The sign, which was posted just outside the theater door, cautioned audience members about some potentially upsetting material contained within the play “Vietgone.” “Please be advised,” the sign read, […]

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Christie's fine arts auction house, located at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Christie’s Auction Sets Record

Christie’s auction house hit record breaking numbers this week, bringing in more than $317,801,250 for American artwork. The big winner of the night was Edward Hopper’s iconic “Chop Suey,” which sold for an incredible $91,875,000. The 1929 oil painting is considered to be Hopper’s best work. The owner, Barney Ebsworth, was a Seattle-based travel entrepreneur […]

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Close-up of the Lyft app displayed on a phone screen.

Lyft Debuts Art Park in Las Vegas

Lyft users in downtown Las Vegas can now enjoy some eclectic and whimsical artwork while waiting for their ride. Lyft’s Art Park is a mishmash of sensory experiences. On one hand you have the typical Las Vegas menagerie, from racy billboards and drunken debauchery to family outings and Mormon missionaries. On the other lies a […]

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A man twirling fire.

Check Out Phoenix’s Burning Man-Inspired Art Gallery

The esoteric artwork and counter cultural vibe of Burning Man can now be found at a giant warehouse in Phoenix. The Where?House art gallery has made its official appearance in Arizona, boasting 24,000 square feet and holding the title of the state’s largest art house. The Where?House is the brainchild of Walter Productions, a local […]

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The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC).

Bangkok Debuts Gigantic Art Gallery

Bangkok, one of the world’s most traveled cities, is turning its metropolis into a massive art gallery. In a place renowned for its food, culture, and many other tourist attractions, Bangkok’s city-wide art extravaganza is just another reason to visit the Thai capital. Bangkok Art Biennale features more than 200 pieces from 75 artists all […]

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A raised fist with the words

Non-Partisan Political Art Strikes a Nerve

Most roadside billboards tell a story—usually through advertising. But for a group of artists across America, those stories are told in the form of non-partisan political art. For Freedoms is a platform for creative civil engagement. Founded by artists Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms spreads the message of non-partisan social activism and […]

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A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a member of the British royal family.

Royal Portraits Now on Display in the US

For the first time in history, portraits of the British royal family are on display in the United States. For many of the images, it is the first time they have been transported outside of the United Kingdom. Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts has partnered with the National Portrait Gallery in London to feature 150 […]

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An illustration of roses arranged in the shape of a heart.

‘The Heart of the Matter’ Turns Patient Stories into Art

There are many instances in which art and medical science form the perfect relationship—telling stories through both visual aspects and personal experience. For artist Sofie Layton and bioengineer Giovanni Biglino, their lauded exhibition, “The Heart of the Matter,” is aiming to do just that. “The Heart of the Matter” gives visitors a look into the “extraordinary […]

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