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ReThink Fabrics T-Shirt Photograph

ReThink Fabrics, Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Fashion

ReThink Fabrics, a Seattle-based clothing brand start-up,  provides an eco-friendly line of garments using recycled plastic bottles made from a material called r-PET polyester (recycled polyester). From experience, I know that my ReThink T-Shirt is extremely soft, but it provides the additional benefits of moisture-wicking fibers, and anti-microbial fabric properties. When buying a ReThink Fabrics […]

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Fashion Blogs: Cultural Capsules

Within the macrocosm of planet earth there are multifarious tangled and interlinking concepts that play into how culture is created, observed, and reproduced. A global favorite, as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar magazine, clothing, and journalistic industries, is fashion. In this article, we’d like to reference and highlight a few of our favorite multi-ethnic, and […]

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