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Kate Middleton

Fashion’s Best Dressed

One of the best things about Red Carpet events is getting the chance to see the amazing collection of designer clothing donned by celebrities, executives, fashionistas, models, and more. Sometimes those fashions make us wonder what they were thinking, but more often than not, they leave us wishing we could be as fabulously dressed. Sometimes […]

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Art Supplies boost creativity

Why Our Kids Need the Arts

Every year it seems like the need for a way to close the achievement gap between students of different socioeconomic statuses gets even greater. We’ve tried an incredible variety of solutions, some of which have worked and others that haven’t. No one thing works for every single student, but there are certainly some things that […]

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$2 M Stolen from South African Art Museum

On Sunday, November 11th, the Pretoria Art Museum in Johannesburg had more than $2 million worth of paintings stolen from it. The thieves gained entrance to the museum by posing as art students visiting with their teacher. They paid their entrance fees and then asked a curator to show them around to specific paintings around the gallery. After they […]

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New York City

Some Attractions Open, Others Still Closed in NYC

After NYC’s major shutdown of public attractions following Hurricane Sandy, most are finally open once again. But not all of New York’s big attractions have opened their doors again—and it might be a while for some of them. The National Sept. 11th Memorial & Museum reopened this week, though it had to shut down temporarily for the Nor’easter […]

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George Roberts

Cultivators of Culture: George R. Roberts

It takes patronage to make art really succeed.  That has been the case since time immortal, and it is still true today.  Without patrons like George Roberts to support them, cultural organizations and events would have a hard time surviving in the modern age. Better known as being one of the co-founders of KKR, George […]

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Margarita Lopez NYCHA

Cultivators of Culture: Margarita Lopez NYCHA

Margarita Lopez is a the NYCHA Environmental Coordinator for New York City Housing Authority, and as such she does quite a lot for the environment.  Not only is Lopez focusing on making NYCHA a more sustainable organization through green initiatives, but she is also responsible for retrofitting the entire NYCHA infrastructure to improve the quality of life of […]

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MoMA Helps NYC Preserve Art

The Museum of Modern Art knows how hard NYC’s’ art community was hit by Hurricane Sandy. They also know that, since they’re experts on the subject, they’re the best help around for artists and galleries struggling to preserve damaged art. That’s why it wasn’t long after the storm ended that MoMA partnered with the Conservators from the American Institute […]

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NYC Pinta 2012 a Success

Pinta has had six successful years in NYC, and it doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum. This year, the Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese art fair brought more than 60 galleries from 17 countries, representing hundreds of artists. Opening night went well for Cuban artist Arles del Rio, who showed mostly pieces from his […]

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John Rhea NYCHA

Cultivators of Culture: John Rhea NYCHA

One of several NYCHA employees that we will be profiling, John Rhea is the NYCHA Chairman, and as such is known for working to transform NYCHA into a better, stronger organization in order to improve the lives of the people and families that depend on NYCHA in the community. But John Rhea is also an advocate […]

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Mona Lisa Revealed

Mona Lisa: Behind the Scenes

The Mona Lisa has long been considered a masterpiece of the world. But like any artist, Leonardo DaVinci made some adjustments to our beloved lady before she was finally finished. The use of different wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet and infrared, allow us to see past what our naked eye can see—and past what time […]

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