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Putting the Supernatural in it All

The past few years have given way to a new tradition when it comes to the arts: mixing the supernatural with… well, everything. As a society, we must confess to finding intrigue within the supernatural, but these days, it seems we’ve given up creativity and originality and replaced it with unambitious copouts. The movie and […]

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Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam

Dutch Art Heist Suspects Apprehended

In October, seven masterpieces were stolen from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Picasso, Monet, Matisse, and Freud were among the artists whose works were thieved, making it one of the biggest art heists in history. Three suspects have now been apprehended in Romania, and though there are still no leads on where the […]

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President Obama supports the arts

Obama Supports the Arts

On Monday, January 21st, President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as United States President. His speech brought hope to many, and it was clear from his words that his next term will focus in large part on issues of equality. But one thing that didn’t make it into President Obama’s speech […]

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Jennie C Jones

Brooklyn Artist Jennie Jones Receives $50K

Jennie Jones probably jumped for joy when she heard this news: The Studio Museum in Harlem is honoring her with its Wein Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in contemporary art today. A painter and sculptor, Ms. Jones is based out of Brooklyn and centers her work on music and “listening as a conceptual […]

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Earle I Mack has appeared in Bloodhorse magazine

Cultivators of Culture: Earle I Mack

Earle I Mack is one man who is dedicated to culture and the arts. Throughout his life, he has been a businessman and a public serviceman, a philanthropist and a lover of the arts, a protector of horses and an advocate for education. Mack continues to be a prime example of what it means to […]

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Dzine's book,

Dzine Nail Art Craze: Fine Art for the Hands

A new trend has caught our eye: 3-D nail art. It’s hard not to notice it these days, when fancy nails are beginning to look like mini works of fine art. Getting your nails done by artists like Carlos Rolon, better known as Dzine, might mean not being able to do anything involving the use […]

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MoMA adds video games to its collection

MoMA Has A Video Game Collection

Many people might not realize that the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has its very own video game collection. The museum recently acquired 14 video games off of its 40-game wish list, which will soon contribute to a new category of artworks: Architecture and Design. So far, MoMA’s game selection includes Pac-Man (1980), Tetris (1984), […]

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street art

Why Art is on the Cutting Block

Art has never been an easy world to survive in. And now even artists who managed to make it big while the economy was good are seeing their careers decline. Damien Hirst, currently the world’s most successful artist, is said to have a fortune of about $400 million. But times are changing, and in the […]

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New York City always has a red hot art and culture scene.

Connecting With Culture: Upcoming Art Events in NYC

One of the best parts about New York City is the ability to constantly be able to keep up with art and culture. There are always new screenings, shows, exhibits, and more to see. Let’s take a look at five upcoming openings to keep in mind as we make our way through January: “Jacob Kassay: […]

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Video games have evolved over time to be more artistic

Video Games as Art

One of the many questions plaguing the art world is whether or not to consider video games works of art. More and more each year, graphics are becoming more impressive and realistic, and gaming companies are hiring on graphic designers and artists to up games’ aesthetic value. Some video games have even been added to […]

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