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The Writers Guild Awards this year honored NYC's WNET and WCBS 880 for their writers' work on

WNET Honored at Writers Guild (WGA) Awards

The Writers Guild of America, West/East (WGAW/WGAE) is a labor union that is comprised of thousands of professional writers in the United States. They represent writers in rights negotiations, ensuring that a writer is protected and credited for their work. Every year, WGA collects millions of dollars worth of residual (reuse) payments and distributes them […]

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Madison Square Garden

Campaign to Relocate Madison Square Garden Begins

Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic locations in the country. It is a point of pride for New Yorkers and something that people all around the world have heard of, even if they’ve never been there or don’t know what it looks like. Madison Square Garden sits on top of Penn Station, one […]

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Top 100 Most Influential Peopl

New York’s Top 100 Most Influential People

The Observer recently released a list of the 100 Most Influential New Yorkers from the past 25 years. And while 100 people might sound like a lot, consider the fact that there are currently more than 8 million people living in New York City, and in the past 25 years many more have also lived—and […]

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Sotheby's will move forward with its Paris sale of about 300 pre-Columbian antiquities, despite numerous objections from four Latin American countries citing cultural ownership.

Sotheby’s To Sell Pre-Columbian Antiquities Despite Objections

Sotheby’s says it will move forward with the sale of about 300 pre-Columbian antiquities in Paris this weekend despite concerns from four Latin American countries. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru have all contacted the auction house with objections to the sale of items they believe to have been illegally exported from their home countries. […]

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Season of Cambodia has been in the works for over four years. It celebrates the revival of the arts in Cambodia.

The Season of Cambodia Festival

Here’s a celebration you won’t want to miss: the “Season of Cambodia” festival that’s been four years in the making. Beginning in April, New York City will host over 125 Cambodian artists for the festival, which is dedicated to the celebration of Cambodian arts, culture, and humanities. “Distinctive works form master and emerging artists and […]

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United Enemies by Thomas Schütte is on display in Central Park

Thomas Schütte “United Enemies” At Central Park

Bronze monuments are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of public art. It is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures because it expands just before it sets, filling in every detail of molds. Then, when it cools, it shrinks slightly—which allows it to more easily be separated from the mold. It […]

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This year was the 100th Anniversary of the NYC Armory Show

New York City Armory Show

Last week was New York City’s annual Armory Show, one of the best-known contemporary and modern art fairs. It is one of NYC’s defining art events of the year and happens every March on Piers 92 and 94 in Manhattan. While we still celebrate art from centuries past, the Armory Show puts that aside while […]

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Rosie the Riveter was actually a Michigan factory worker named Geraldine Hoff

The Definition of a Feminist

When we hear the word “feminist,” what do we think of? A common image that comes to mind is a woman, strong-willed and fighting for her rights–like this one: There’s nothing wrong with that image, for she most certainly is a feminist. There’s just an underlying assumption that is often, but not always, true. The […]

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MoMA Digital Member Lounge

MoMA Takes Collections Online With Digital Member Lounge

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is working to extend its reach by creating a new “Digital Member Lounge.” Many museums today have struggled for the simple reason that visitors must come on-site to view collections. But as we’ve entered into the digital age, MoMA has realized that it must follow suit. The MoMA Digital […]

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Fawzia Koofi is Afghanistan's first female parliamentary speaker and hopes to be its first female president.

Fawzia Koofi: A Voice for Afghan Women

Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan woman who is speaking out for change in a big way: she’s running for President of Afghanistan. She’s already the country’s first female parliamentary speaker, and has authored a memoir called The Favored Daughter that addresses the daily struggles Afghan women face. Fawzia Koofi is just one story in a […]

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