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Garment workers in Bangladesh. Image: AP / A.M. Ahad

Our Clothing Comes at a Cost: How the Bangladeshi Factory Collapse Has Ignited a Conversation on Ethics

Dangerous conditions are a reality of the garment industry in Bangladesh, a fact that has been made globally public after a recent factory collapse claimed 1,127 lives, a disturbing number that continues to escalate. While thousands of people in Dhaki, Bangladesh grieve over this tremendous loss, the rest of the world has been posed with […]

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Soccer / Football

NY Cosmos Are Back—Is American Sports Culture Shifting?

Sports are a major facet of American culture. While our country may be best known for “American Football” and baseball, there is a myriad other sports that are present and, in some cases, growing in popularity. Ask Europe or South America about their preferred sport, and you’re likely to get the answer, “football” (or “fútbol”) […]

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Girl with tattoo on beach

Tattoos: Anarchy or Artistry?

Tattoos have been a part of human society for thousands of years. The designs can simply be ornamental or incorporate complex symbolism. They can be elaborate or simple, and can represent anything from religion to punishment to status. A loved one can even be remembered or honored with a tattoo. The earliest evidence of tattoos […]

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The cast of

NYC Summer Art Offerings

New York City is already known for being a cultural hub, a fact that becomes all the more apparent during summertime when the return of warm weather and sunshine brings out New Yorkers and tourists looking for top-notch entertainment. There are so many fantastic events taking place all over the city during the summer, dividing […]

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Fear of a Black Republican explores the lack of minorities within the GOP.

What the Republican Party Desperately Needs But Doesn’t Have

American politics haven’t been very kind to Republicans in recent years. The public has grown increasingly cynical and critical of both major political parties, but Republicans and Conservatives seem to be even more strung up than Democrats and Liberals. But setting their right-or-left leanings aside, there is one thing that the Republican Party is missing […]

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A photographer prepares to snap a photo.

Secret Photos Raise Brows in NYC

For most of us, there is a distinction between public and private places. Our homes, for instance, are private places we like to think safe from prying eyes. But while we are out for dinner, at the movies, riding the bus, or elsewhere in public we understand that people may be looking our way. Of […]

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Balloon Dog by Paul McCarthy Image:

Frieze Art Fair in New York: Favorites

Fresh off of Frieze New York 2013, there are many dissenting opinions about the fair this year. Some oohed and aahed, while others asked questions like, “Really? You call this art?!” Art has a long history of getting strong reactions out of people, for better or for worse. It is, by definition, an expression of […]

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Brave's Merida is gutsy, gritty, and unkempt--and she's a realistic and healthy role model for girls.

Disney Nixes the Spunk and Adds Sparkles: Brave’s Merida Receives a Drastic Makeover

Fans of Disney and Pixar’s 2012 computer-animated film Brave are outraged over its heroine’s recent drastic makeover. When the much-loved family comedy first came out, it achieved critical acclaim and enormous popularity amongst fans of all ages. Viewers were thrilled to watch the adventures of female protagonist, Merida, as she used her archery skills and […]

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Andy Warhol's 1972

Mao Paintings Banned From China Warhol Exhibition

Shanghai wants to one day be considered a world art capital. Just last fall, the government funded several modern and contemporary art museums. But the city will have a hard time being considered a cultural capital if it continues censoring material the government deems politically sensitive and pornographic. A perfect example is the recent ban […]

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Contemporary Styling Inspired by the Great Gatsby

Critics and moviegoers may have a multitude of opinions about the film’s soundtrack and acting, but what’s indisputable is the fantastic 1920s-era styling of this spring’s much anticipated film, The Great Gatsby.  The film’s garments make bold statements with their vibrant and rich textures and shapes, creating unexpected layers of dimension in every scene. Costume […]

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