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Andy Warhol’s Vibrant New Sweater

The Andy Warhol Bridge stretches across the Allegheny River in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is one of a kind, in that it’s the only bridge in the United States with an artist for a namesake. A self-anchored suspension bridge, the structure is also a visual delight for architects and passersby, who can admire its strength […]

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The Sound of Music

Cultivators of Culture: Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is a woman who has taught us a lot of valuable lessons over the years: 1. How never to forget the solfège scale (Do, a deer, a female deer…). 2. When you’re feeling sad, simply remember a few of your favorite things. 3. A spoonful of sugar helps the “medicine” go down. 4. […]

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Contemporary Graffiti: Expressive Street Art or Vandalism?

Since it began to receive commercial attention in the early 1980s, graffiti has long since existed as a point of contention in artistic and social communities. Graffiti as we know it has endured an evolving history, its origins linked to both urban gangs as well as to pure artistic expression. Smashing Magazine discusses this evolution, […]

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Ghost Brothers of Darkland Country

An American Rock Star, a Producer, and a Horror Novelist Walk Into A Studio…

…And create a southern gothic supernatural musical, based on true events. While this might sound more like a punch line than a new stage play, it’s true! Though the process was much more complicated than three masters of their craft simply meeting and making a musical, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is the result of […]

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Liu Bolin atop the Great Wall

The Portrait is Political: Liu Bolin Hides In Plain Sight

What do a gun rack, heavy face paint, and art with a political edge have in common? Liu Bolin. Bolin is a contemporary Chinese artist, famous for his pictures of iconic or colorful places that also feature him blended into the image with the help of elaborate makeup. He often poses in front of vibrant […]

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Red lipstick

Eve Ensler Marries Arts & Activism

Who is Eve Ensler? Perhaps a better question would be, “Who isn’t Eve Ensler?” Listed as one of Newsweek’s 150 Women Who Have Changed the World, there isn’t much that seems out of her reach. Besides being a best-selling author, Ensler is also an award-winning playwright and the woman responsible for The Vagina Monologues. But Ensler’s work isn’t self-serving […]

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When Picture Books and Adult Literature Collide…

Lovers of books know that there have always been many forms of literature. From science fiction novels, to romance stories, anthologies of poetry, young adult dramas, to classic fiction aimed towards an adult reader, the possibility of genres are infinite. Though less common, the intersection of picture books, typically intended for young readers, and grown […]

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Qureshi's rooftop art reflects on the current state of violence in the world.

On Violence and Hope: The Met’s Rooftop Garden Hosts Imran Qureshi

New York City’s many incredible museums aren’t just great to visit on rainy days, especially with The Met utilizing rooftop space to feature exhibits this summer and fall. From May 14th through November 3rd, The Metropolitan Museum of Art will present a collection entitled, The Roof Garden Commission: Imran Qureshi. Utilizing the abundant space within […]

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Little Italy, NYC

Little Italy: A Story of Loss, Love, and Hope

For visitors of New York who love anything Italian, a trip to the city’s Little Italy would not be amiss. Though it’s not as sprawling as it once was, Little Italy is still alive, vibrant, and doing well. If a trip to a traditional Italian eatery is on the itinerary, then this is the place […]

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