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Eleanor Macnair’s Play-Doh Recreations

Pablo Picasso is widely quoted as having once said, “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” You can interpret this sentiment a number of ways, but it does speak to the trends in contemporary artists borrowing techniques, similar motifs, or even entire works from famous artists of the past. Andy Warhol took famous images (not all […]

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Art On the Clocktower’s Airwaves

High above New York City exists a gallery unlike any other. The Clocktower Gallery, founded in 1972 by Alanna Heiss, is unique not only because of its location, but because of the alternative, experimental works and artists it is dedicated to showcasing. Located on the top floor of a 19th century McKim, Mead, and White […]

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“Station To Station” is a Mobile, Countrywide Arts Happening

Some contemporary artists love to create exhibitions that exist on a grand scale. There are sculpture parks dedicated to large, imaginative artworks, and galleries filled to the brim with interactive pieces, but have you ever heard of an art installation that spans the width of the country? That’s exactly what “Station to Station: A Nomadic […]

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“Girl Rising” at the Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum, an institution dedicated to exploring the ways art can impact and illuminate our lives, is proud to announce its upcoming screening of the film, Girl Rising. This feature film is widely considered to be a groundbreaking work that focuses on the experiences of nine remarkable girls born into unforgiving, unimaginable circumstances. The […]

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Coloring ‘Outside The Lines’

Have you ever started an arts and crafts project with a child, and suddenly realized that you are far more excited about coloring and creating than they are? It happens all the time, and it’s part of what inspired author Souris Hong-Porretta to create Outside the Lines, a coloring book for adults. Unlike the bizarre […]

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tree of life

Cultivators of Culture: One Percent for Culture

It may come as no surprise that the arts culture of New York City encompasses a substantial facet of city life, as well as monumentally impacts the local economy. Every year, millions of tourists come to NYC to experience music, dance, theater, visual arts installations, visiting collections at the world’s most prolific museums, as well […]

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Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Scupture Park: Once a Landfill, Now a Cultural Hub in Queens

In New York City, you can find art just about anywhere. Of course there are the countless private and independent museums and galleries, but you don’t even need to set foot indoors to find incredible curated displays. The city itself is an architect’s dream; the buildings and parks are visually stunning and unique. The city’s […]

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Gramsci Monument quote

A Temporary Monument Changes a Community Forever

This summer, one of New York City’s most profound art installations is one that has changed a community forever. It’s the Gramsci Monument, an unconventional, interactive public art space that was erected at Forest Houses in the Bronx in May. Forest Houses is one of the New York City Housing Authority’s housing developments, and a […]

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‘We Think Alone’: Strange and Beautiful Thus Far

Earlier this summer, we profiled Miranda July in honor of her upcoming project, “We Think Alone.” The art installation is one that, if participating, takes place right in your email inbox, where weekly emails are forwarded to you from famous public figures, courtesy of July. Each week a particular theme unifies the various emails, which […]

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All-Girls Theater Company

New York City’s Incredible All-Girl Theater Company

In theater, as in many other artistic mediums, men tend to dominate the genre. Plays with male leads are likelier to be produced more than shows featuring a leading lady, female producers are vastly outnumbered by their male counterparts, a mere 20% of plays produced are written by women, and only 6 women have ever […]

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