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‘Hooray for Hollywood!’ Evokes a Pop Princess’s Artistic Sensibility

Holly Solomon – art collector, socialite, gallery owner, and even muse to the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein – is currently being celebrated at NYC’s Mixed Greens in the group exhibition, Hooray for Hollywood!. The exhibit showcases the artistic sensibility of the self-proclaimed “Pop Princess,” and quietly illustrates the ways in which she […]

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Jon Uriarte

#TBT ‘Men Under the Influence’: A Gender-Bending Portrait Series

For this week’s #TBT, we wanted to take another look at Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte’s portrait series, “The Men Under The Influence.” This gender-bending photography project is a creative examination of gender roles and bodily objectification. Art that has the ability to make a statement or observation about social issues is always worth considering critically. What […]

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Hey Kitten, Don’t Miss ‘Cat Art Show Los Angeles’ This Weekend

We’re barely a month into 2014 and it’s already apparent that cats will continue to rule pop culture this year. You’d be hard-pressed to browse the web these days and NOT see the face of a four-legged feline; cats are no longer just domesticated pets, but stars of the Internet, social media, and now, they […]

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The Slow Death of The Handwritten Word

“A letter is always better than a phone call. People write things in letters they would never say in person. They permit themselves to write down feelings and observations using emotional syntax far more intimate and powerful than speech will allow.” – Author Alice Steinbach When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? […]

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Harajuke Girl, Kirk Crippens

#TBT “Portraitlandia” Is Portraits of Portlanders Doing Portland Things

This week, we wanted to take a look back at “Portraitlandia,” photographer Kirk Crippens’ incredibly interesting series of photographs of Portland residents. Hopefully these quirky, compelling portraits will help take your mind off how cold and confining winter can be. They may even spark daydreams about summertime, which is when this article was originally posted. […]

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Artist Spotlight: Writer and Director Henry Arroyo

When Henry Arroyo set out to create his latest short film, he had a fairytale in mind. The writer and director is committed to furthering himself as an artist by creating compelling stories, and his latest project, My Friend John, is an imaginative journey, told through the eyes of a child. Arroyo admits that being […]

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nyc ballet

Five Must-See Arts Happenings in NYC This Week

If you’re seeking a kind of cultural cheat-sheet, NYC-ARTS is a great resource for all of your arts and culture needs. “On multiple platforms, NYC-ARTS aims to increase awareness of New York City’s nonprofit cultural organizations, whose offerings greatly benefit residents and visitors,” the organization explains. New York City has an overwhelming amount of artistic […]

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A.I.R. Gallery Invites a Contemplation of Women’s Roles In ‘Womanhouse’

A.I.R. (Artists in Residence) Gallery has been advocating for women in the visual arts for more than four decades. Upon its 1972 induction, A.I.R. became the first-of-its kind artist-run gallery for women in the United States, and has since upheld its commitment to sustaining a space where women can showcase a diverse array of artistic […]

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#TBT When Picture Books and Adult Literature Collide…

For this week’s #TBT, it seemed appropriate to recall a piece we published back in June about the growing trend of creating books for adults in a style typically geared towards children. More and more, we’re seeing the way that art and literature is merging; we recently discussed the first-ever 3D book cover and how […]

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The First-Ever 3D-Printed Book Cover Reminds Us of the Art in Literature

Books, as many of us know and love them, have been ducking threats of extinction for some time now. Of course, I don’t mean stories, or literature; there will always be dreamers and authors who delight readers with their imaginative, thoughtful words. I mean printed books – physical jackets and bindings and pages filled with […]

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