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Bill Waterson new art

New Film Pulls Bill Watterson Out of Retirement

Fans of Calvin & Hobbes will be happy to know that the mastermind behind the celebrated comic – iconic illustrator Bill Watterson – has just created his first public artwork in 18 years. Nearly two decades after publishing his last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, Watterson has come out of hiding to create a film […]

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Artist Spotlight: Photographer Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso is a London-based photographer with a penchant for self-portraiture. Calypso’s photographs, all at once bizarre and deeply engaging, are a far cry from today’s mundane “selfie,” however. Rather, the artist is able to personify a woman deeply entangled in the constructs of contemporary feminine beauty – Joyce – a character that has evolved […]

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neil patrick harris hasty pudding

Neil Patrick Harris and Helen Mirren Honored with Hasty Pudding Awards

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals, a branch of the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770, is one of the oldest theater organizations in the world, and is committed to continuing a long tradition of free expression in the arts. The Hasty Pudding Institute, of which it is a part of, is a Harvard University organization that also […]

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candy chang artist

Public Art Fosters Local Culture, Strengthens Communities

Public art – be it an interactive arts community like the Gramsci Monument, or the works of a local graffiti legend like Lady Pink – has the power to enrich communities and change lives. All at once provocative, engaging, and aesthetically profound, we think that public artworks of all kinds are truly remarkable. Here are […]

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Arts Spotlight: JJ Brine and VECTOR Gallery

VECTOR Gallery occupies just a small slice of New York City’s Lower East Side, but as a Posthuman Art experience and the “Official Gallery of Satan,” you can imagine that its presence is becoming quite prolific. Curated and run by artist and Crown Prince of Hell JJ Brine, VECTOR is a conceptual art gallery that […]

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Is the World Ready for a Nicolas Cage Art Show?

What makes Mr. Cage such an unusual screen presence and an even more atypical movie star is that he’s habitually very good and very bad from movie to movie, and sometimes scene to scene in a single film. Unlike most movie stars, whose stardom is partly predictable on a recognizable, coherent, stable persona and the […]

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wesselmann painting

Feast Your Eyes On Art and Appetite at the Amon Carter Museum

Have you ever considered how much food and art have in common? Cultural trends in both art and dining have changed immensely over time; they both involve passion and innovation, and are visually delectable. An artist cultivates a unique vision for each piece of artwork they create, just as a chef must carefully conceptualize and […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Tyree Guyton and The Heidelberg Project

One of the best things about art is its undeniable power to transform lives. Art can help to build or strengthen communities, and it can have a lasting effect on forgotten or abandoned neighborhoods, long after the artist has moved on. Detroit, Michigan, as well as its suburban outskirts, is one of the most notoriously […]

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A Season of Change at the South Street Seaport

On any given day as you wander down New York City’s bustling Pier 17, you’ll come across dozens of merchants, a sprawling selection of fine dining and street food, live arts and performances, film screenings, historical tours, and much more. A formidable cultural presence today, this neighborhood didn’t always have such a unique identity. Pier […]

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