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Victoria Siemer

Artist Victoria Siemer Depicts Heartache in the Digital Age

Art as we know it is constantly trying to catch up to the encompassing world that is undergoing some drastic changes of its own. Technology has undoubtedly influenced art and its reach in numerous ways; advances in modern technology have proven to have both detrimental and positive effects on art. Some artists, like David Hockney, […]

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Reimagined as Iconic Masterpieces

Just when you thought that pop culture power couple and American music icons Beyoncé and Jay-Z couldn’t get any more famous, someone decided their images were worthy of being photoshopped into famous paintings. The Carter Family Portrait Gallery is one of the best things to happen to Tumblr in recent history, and features Beyoncé, Jay-Z, […]

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Lily Hunter Green

Artist Spotlight: Lily Hunter Green

Lily Hunter Green is an English musician and visual artist whose highly conceptual works are inspired by sounds, places, and even the smallest of creatures, like bees. Cultivating Culture first discovered Green’s incredible musical compositions in a newly funded Kickstarter Campaign for her project, “Bee-Composed,” in which the artist will transform a decomposing piano into […]

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rabbit island

#TBT Rabbit Island Is An Artist Colony Unlike Any Other

Now that the snow and ice is finally melting away from the parts of the country most affected by this winter’s Polar Vortex, it’s nice to be reminded once again of art initiatives that are inspired by the natural beauty that is unfurling once again. We wrote about Rabbit Island last summer, deeming it “an […]

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Noble Traders

Noble Traders: Beyond Fair Trade

  It seems unthinkable that a price could be put on one’s culture, and yet, reducing cultural artifacts to mere objects worthy of consumption happens all of the time. Craftsmen in developing countries are often grossly exploited, and once artisanal items are given a price tag, they lose so much of their authentic cultural value. […]

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Jamie Wyeth

Coming Soon: Jamie Wyeth at the Museum of Fine Arts

If you’ve ever been mystified by the tremendous body of work that has been produced by the artistically talented Wyeth family – encompassing three generations of prolific American art – your chance to see works from the youngest Wyeth is coming soon. Starting in July, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts will be […]

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Janet Echelman

Cultivators of Culture: Janet Echelman

Vancouver residents and attendees of TED Conference’s 30th Anniversary celebration were in for a treat this year, as world-renowned artist Janet Echelman assembled her greatest work to date above the bustling city streets. According to the artist’s website, “Studio Echelman installed its largest, most interactive sculpture installation to date [in] March 2014. The monumental aerial […]

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Melinda Tidwell Collage

#TBT The Intricate, Abstract Collages of Melinda Tidwell

Last fall, we featured an article about the incredible work of collage artist Melinda Tidwell. It seems somewhat appropriate, in this layered, collage-like transition from winter to spring, to recall her intricate works and abstract, yet controlled artistic sensibility. To learn more about the artist and her work, continue reading below. In a day and […]

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brooklyn zine fest

Brooklyn Zine Fest is Back and Bigger Than Ever

April is an exciting time for zinesters in New York City, as the now-massive Brooklyn Zine Fest returns to take over an entire weekend at the end of the month. The Zine Fest, now in its third year, will take place over two days at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights, and will feature […]

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socrates sculpture park

Celebrate Springtime at Socrates Sculpture Park

You know that spring has arrived when you feel that urge to explore the city once again, to discover new favorite places and wander through parkways. Of course there will still be a peppering of drizzly days in the months to come, but at long last it seems as though winter has finally surrendered. What […]

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