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best new television shows how to get away with murder

5 New Shows You Must Watch this Season

Let’s be honest. We’ve all seen Real Housewives (or other reality TV guilty pleasures) too many times and breezed through Orange is the New Black the weekend it came out. But now it’s time for fall/winter television programming which means that there are a ton of new shows out, and some that are actually worth […]

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6 books to add to your bucket list

6 Books to Add to Your Reading Bucket List

Okay, we all know reading is good for you. It does amazing things for your brainpower, it boosts creativity, and is a great way to stay busy on a long trip. But, not all books are created equal. Here is a list of fantastic books – many of them contemporary – that every millennial should […]

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smartphone camera

10 Tips to Step Up Your Smartphone Photography Game

These days, with so many people having access to smartphones, it seems like the Internet and social media are inundated with more photographs than ever. Although you can’t change the photography styles of the friends you follow on Instagram or Flickr, you can carefully consider the photographs that you share on social media. Here are […]

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