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Coming Soon: Ernest Hemingway at the Morgan Library

Ernest Hemingway is a name to conjure with. It is not overstating things to say that his writing, both as a novelist and a journalist, defined the first half of the Twentieth Century. His stylistic contributions are still influencing writers today – writers either emulate him or work hard to avoid any emulation at all, […]

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Lincoln Center dance

Coming Soon: Great American Dance Cinema from Lincoln Center

New York City has an abundance of places to see incredible dance performances. The Baryshnikov Arts Center, La Mama, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts are just some of the incredible dance-centric organizations in NYC, the latter of which will soon be celebrating dance through the big screen. Lincoln […]

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Niele Toroni

The Restful Sameness of Niele Toroni

There is a restful sameness to all of Niele Toroni’s work, all of it in a style he pioneered and named travaux/pientures. Each painting, be it on stark white canvas or old, yellowed newsprint, is a careful study of the nature of paint and surface, almost scientific in its precision. His signature method, repeated over […]

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summer theater shakespeare in the park

Summer Theater Roundup: Catch all the Drama This Season in NYC

One of the best things about living in New York City is the fact that you can always count on there to be a multitude of cultural events and arts programs year-round. Even when it feels like everyone has already taken off for the beach, everywhere you look there are outdoor theater performances, larger-than-life block […]

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art as activism

Art as Activism: The Merrill C. Berman Collection

Political art, good political art, remains powerful for decades, even centuries. Just think of the phrase “Napoleon Complex.” Everyone knows it means a man compensating for shortness via conquest, but Napoleon himself was no shorter than the average person. Political art of the era fixed that idea in our cultural consciousness, probably centuries still to […]

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teen wolf fan art

Teen Wolf Fan Art Exhibition

Fan art has a long history. Every piece of artwork inspired by a story is fan art, from ancient frescos of still-more ancient legends through Da Vinci’s Last Supper to the explosion of television- and movie-inspired art that floods sharing sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Today, a lot of derision is attached to fanworks, but […]

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