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People walk in front of art in an art gallery.

Art Events to See in NYC This Week

There’s always plenty of art and gallery exhibits to see in New York City, and this week is no exception. Several intriguing new galleries are opening their doors this week and they’re worth a peek. Here are a few of the upcoming highlights: Chelsea Knight, “Fall to Earth.” Opening Wednesday, September 2nd, Knight’s video work […]

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Lamps light an empty frame.

Unusual Galleries You Need to Visit

If you’re an art enthusiast or even just a casual appreciator, you probably already know which museums are essential to see before you leave this earth: the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Paris’ Louvre, the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. But there are a few unusual museums and galleries you’ve probably never visited, […]

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A disgruntled Dismaland employee holds black balloons that read,

Banksy’s “Dismaland Bemusement Park”

After having been kept tightly under wraps for most of its construction, street-graffiti artist Banksy has just opened “Dismaland,” an art exhibit-carnival hybrid, in England. The anti-Disney show opened to about two thousand people and displayed work by about 60 artists. The gloomy show will run through the end of September. Banksy, notoriously private and […]

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A painting of sailboats on the Hudson River, barbed wire swirling at the bottom of the canvas.

Art from U.S. Prisons On Display

A new exhibit on Governors Island will be showing artwork from United States prisons until September 27th. The exhibit, titled “Escaping Time,” shows over 200 art pieces from imprisoned artists around the country, highlighting the cathartic, therapeutic effect art can have on inmates. The art show is a production by Safe Streets Arts Foundation, and […]

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Trevor Nunn

Politically Incorrect or Historically Accurate?

Widely renowned theater director Trevor Nunn has been criticized for choosing an all-white cast for his latest Shakespearean production, The Wars of the Roses. Actors’ union Equity has slammed the play as well as the Arts Council England for the play’s lack of diversity. Nunn says that the all-white casting was done deliberately as an […]

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A set stage, ready to open.

Find Yourself Here

Take three dancers, add three visual artists, portion them into three trios and put them into the pressure cooker of an art space, and you have Joanna Kotze’s Find Yourself Here, a powerful evening-length collaboration described as “a dialogue between bodies and disciplines.” The multi-media performance will be housed at New York City’s Baryshnikov Arts […]

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Red and black illustrations of the many forms superheroes take.

Superheroes in Gotham

Superhero comic books as we know them were born in New York City. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, they were all published there first. And this winter, they will all be honored in their hometown by a months-long exhibit at the New York Historical Society. “Superheroes in Gotham” will feature the most iconic superheroes of the past […]

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An illustration of thought bubbles and a microphone.

Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

Are video and other forms of digital media the future of public radio? Obviously, there is a huge demand today for digital content, with an ever-expanding audience that is easily accessible through the Internet. Public radio fills a niche that is very welcome on the Internet, providing an opportunity for an unbiased perspective—especially a bi-partisan […]

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The screens of Times Square shine bright.

Times Square Promotes Art With “Midnight Moment”

In addition to its many other delights, Times Square in New York City has also begun hosting what it has dubbed the “Midnight Moment” where, for three minutes, the bright screens display art as if in a kind of fleeting, electric gallery. In a partnership between Times Square and Moving Image, the famous New York […]

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