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Lincoln Center at night.

Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival Brightens Inner Lives

Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival is celebrating its sixth season this year. The festival allows audience members an opportunity to illuminate their inner lives with gifts from outstanding artists. We benefit from the artists’ gifts, but the artists and their performances are supported by a vast array of volunteers from the world of finance, with […]

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An architectural drawing by Kiesler.

Frederick Kiesler’s “Endless House”

In the 1940s, Viennese visionary architect Frederick Kiesler conceived of the “Endless House,” his vision of an indefinable dwelling. He re-imaged the word “home” to mean anything a resident could need, not merely shelter and place. His “House” never made it past sketches and a few models, despite his 15 years of work. But now, […]

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An illustration of an orange bird over a teal and white background.

The Audobon Mural Project

John James Audubon, famous naturalist and wildlife artist, is buried in New York City, not far from Broadway and 155th. That’s well known, but only among dedicates of his body of work or of his legacy.  His work, the hundreds of hundreds of hand-colored prints of birds, including 25 species previously unknown to Euro-American naturalists, […]

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A gloved hand holds a petrie dish full of colorful cultures.

The Agar Art Competition

Each year, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) hosts the Agar Art competition, a collision of art and science in which entries are as much grown as painted. Microbial cultures are painted into agar growth medium and then incubated. In growing, they reveal colors and textures that can only partially be controlled or predicted, adding […]

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Colorful handprints on an ecru background.

Brown University Saves Thrown-Away Art

Brown University is known for its long history as a high-quality academic institution putting out remarkable alumni, including athletes, politicians, and businessmen and women, including Sally Rocker of J.C. Flowers & Co. and many others who are reshaping the way business happens both nationally and internationally. But it’s not all business and politics at Brown; […]

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A sign for the McKittrick Hotel in NY.

Sleep No More

Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More has been a popular spectacle in New York City since it opened there in 2011, and it’s no less novel for its four years of nine performances a week. Originally an eccentric avant-garde performance for in-the-know aficionados in London, in NYC it has become something both more mainstream (with a bar […]

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Lights on an empty stage.

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri is a painter of works that look like topographical maps – large canvases full of precise dots forming concentric, spiraling shapes. They seem to scintillate if looked at for too long, the tight spirals fooling the eyes. But these works are not abstract. The lines that spiral and switch back on themselves and […]

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Fresh vegetables on a wooden table.

The Value of Food

For the next several months, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City will play host to a new art exhibition. Titled “The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet,” the exhibition is a collaboration of thirty artists and will fill the entire cathedral. With an aim to make people think about […]

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People Are Protesting Renoir

In strange but also-kind-of-funny art news, a group of people gathered outside of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last week to protest French impressionist painter Renoir. The group’s purpose was to project their hatred of Renoir’s work, holding signs that said “God hates Renoir” and “Put some fingers on those hands!” The protest, […]

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A rose-colored picture frame, empty, surrounded by a white background.

Tips for Finding Good, Affordable Art

Buying art can be a stressful venture: it’s expensive, some of it is very rare, and finding things that cater to your personal taste and style can prove more difficult than you’d think. But finding good art doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you don’t need millions of dollars to surrender at a Christie’s […]

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