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A woman's hands work in a pottery workshop.

Pathmakers: Women in Art

The exhibit’s title is a mouthful: Pathmakers: Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury to Today. But it is a quite thorough summary of the collection currently on display at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The exhibit collects the work of more than forty artists from WWII to today, focusing on the […]

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A man in a black shirt carries a stolen painting and a flashlight.

17 Artworks Stolen from Castelvecchio

In one of the largest art heists in recent memory, 17 pieces of art were taken from a Verona Museum, the Castelvecchio, on November 19th. Thieves scampered away with a wide range of works from European artists, including pieces from Mantegna, Rubens, and Tintoretto. The total value of the pieces is estimated to be between […]

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The Brooklyn Bridge in black and white.

Sean Yseult: Retrospective

In the mid-1980s, Sean Yseult’s name was known for co-founding noise rock band White Zombie in New York City. Before and since then, her exploratory variety of careers has always revolved around art, music, and the beauty of decay. Now, Yseult is prepping her first solo show in New York City. Titled Retrospective, the collection […]

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Central Park at sunset.

Cristóbal Gabarrón Comes to the UN

On October 24, 2015, the United Nations celebrated its 70th birthday, and the world celebrated with it by lighting up 200 monuments and landmarks in the organization’s trademark bold blue. And in New York City, in Rumsey Playfield on the side of Central Park, a smaller yet more permanent visual was unveiled to commemorate the […]

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A red and yellow artistic rendition of the radioactivity symbol.

Don’t Follow the Wind: Fukushima Disaster Site Becomes Art

The site of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown is quiet: soundless, empty, stirred only by the earth. But Fukushima is not voiceless: the radioactive site has now become an art project called “Don’t Follow the Wind,” a collaboration between 12 Japanese and foreign artists. Because only the artists are allowed into the space, “Don’t Follow the […]

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Students work at an easel together.

Art Education On the Rise in NYC Public Schools

A new study conducted by the office of New York State controller Thomas P. DiNapoli found that almost all new high school graduates have completed mandatory art lessons. The study examined data from New York City’s Education Department, and the numbers are significantly better than they were only 4 years ago in 2011. Now, 95% […]

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An empty cell block at a prison.

Work by Inmate Who Killed 2 Police Offers to be Removed

Four paintings by Leonard Peltier, 71, a Native American activist currently serving two consecutive life sentences in a Washington State prison, will be removed this week. Peltier is convicted of killing two FBI agents during a 1975 situation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. His paintings were hanging at the front doors […]

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A white wall bears many different blank art frames.

High-Profile Banker Turns Art Collector

Thomas Weisel, a legendary finance expert and businessman, has turned his efforts toward the artistic—and the philanthropic—in the past several years. Weisel, the co-founder of major bank Montgomery Securities and of Thomas Weisel Partners, has spent the past forty years indulging a passion for southwestern Native American art and amassing an impressive collection of rare […]

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A tattoo artist's hand at the ready, needle in grasp.

Scott Campbell Holds Art-Lottery for Mystery Tattoos

Tattoo artist to stars like Sting, Robert Downey Jr, and Jennifer Aniston, Scott Campbell is a name you might have heard before. An unusual level of public acclaim for an inker without his own television show. And he’s aware of that too. It’s a field where one’s best art is seen by a select few […]

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A still from Shia LaBeouf's live stream as he watches his own films.

Shia LaBeouf Watches All of His Movies, Consecutively

Actor and generally interesting person to watch Shia LaBeouf is currently engaging in a marathon of watching his own movies, and live streaming the process as he does so. He is watching the films in reverse chronological order, and anyone is allowed to join him while he does so. Admission is free. LaBeouf will screen […]

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