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A photo of the damaged city of Palmyra.

Palmyra Recaptured by Syrian Army, But May Never Be the Same

The Syrian army has successfully retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from ISIS, but experts suggest that the damage done to the city is, in many ways, irreparable. Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was heavily damaged by both Syrian forces and those affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist group. Syria says that it will […]

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A tombstone for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Makes for a Field Day in the Arts

Artists have a way of saying so much with so little (as the case actually is with a piece of art by Illma Gore, but we’ll get to that). Of course, that’s a misleading way to open this blog: presidential hopeful Donald Trump has given artists and comedians a lot to work with, even before […]

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A piece of cat art.

Cats for One and All

The second edition of Think Tank Gallery’s “Cat Art Show” is about to open its doors for a new exhibit in Los Angeles. The show aims to do exactly what it sounds like: present art concerning or including cats, who are enjoying the same status as cult favorite that they always have, because that’s how cats […]

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Nguyen Qui Duc at his home.

Take Your Next Vacation with an Artist

Most people, if you asked them, would tell you that they’d like to travel more. They might also tell you that they’d like to spend more time on creative activities like painting, dancing, or even gardening. Now, because of the efforts of designer Geetika Agrawal, people can sign up for special vacations around the world […]

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A set of books with Spanish titles on a bookshelf.

New York Public Radio Sponsors PEN World Voices Exploring Mexico Today

New York Public Radio is a sponsor of the upcoming PEN World Voices Festival, scheduled from April 25 through May 1. The festival will celebrate Mexico’s rich literary culture with performances featuring authors from around the world. June M. Carson, a philanthropist noted for education and conservation work, Anton Levy, managing director at General Atlantic, […]

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Please Touch the Art

Jeppe Hein is a bit of a rock star in Denmark, as one of their most celebrated contemporary artists. His installations are usually designed for public spaces, and always invite the audience to be participants, part of the show. Though currently based in Berlin, he’s brought his newest exhibit Please Touch the Art to New […]

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A photo of the Two Orchids installation on a sunny day.

Two Orchids: Decorative Neutrality

Tethered for support to two metal poles, the two delicate stalks of realistic white blooms frame the southeast entrance of New York’s Central Park like a pair of fairy-scale lamp posts. Stainless steel somehow made delicate by the sculpture’s skill, they rise to 28 and 34 feet tall. Sculpted by Isa Genzken, Berlin-based contemporary artist, […]

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Steve Smith plays the drums.

Steve Smith and The Fabric of Rhythm

Steve Smith, most famous from drumming with the band Journey, has toured and recorded for 35 years with artists of all tiers. His beats appear on recordings that have sold many, many millions of copies worldwide, including Mariah Carey, Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Ponty, Zucchero, and many more. Now, he’s trying something new: to reach a […]

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Martha Tedeschi

Martha Tedeschi Named New Director of Harvard Art Museums

After a long career with the Art Institute of Chicago, Martha Tedeschi will move to a new position as the Director of Harvard Art Museums this year. She was named deputy director for art and research at the Art Institute in 2012. Tedeschi will fill the absence former Harvard Art Museums director Thomas W. Lentz, […]

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