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A group of people sit together in a group meeting.

Gentrifiers Anonymous

It might be reaching to call “Gentrifiers Anonymous” an art project, but that is how the creators style their work. What the project appears more to be is a satiric Alcoholics Anonymous-style group event where those with gentrifiers’ guilt can gather congratulate themselves on being self-aware. In theory and in motive, “Gentrifiers Anonymous” appears to […]

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Richard Serra's NJ-1.

The Massive Sculptures of Richard Serra

Monumental minimalism would be a good way to describe the works of abstract sculptor Richard Serra. The 76-year-old artist works in steel and iron on a nearly architectural scale. The gallery at West 21st Street is a vast space, but Serra has filled it utterly with only one work. Steel and iron, rust and polish are […]

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An enormous Richard Serra sculpture at the new SFMOMA.

SFMOMA Finally Opens!

It’s a monumental week in the arts community. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, previously closed for two years while the museum underwent massive construction, renovation, and addition, has finally opened its sparkly new doors to the public. Three years and $305 million have made for a museum that is rich, beautiful, and that’s […]

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A cast of Mino da Fiesole's Portrait of a Young Woman at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

59 Renaissance Sculptures Discovered

Now for some good news! Art historians have uncovered a whopping 59 sculptures from the Italian Renaissance, which had been missing from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow since World War II. These sculptures include works by Donatello, Giovanni Pisano, and Andrea del Verrocchio, among other famous artists. The works were discovered in a flak tower […]

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A man wanders an empty art gallery.

The Art Market is Shrinking

Last year, sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s were booming: combined, the two auction houses brought in over a billion dollars. This year, the two have only raised a total of $560.6 million, a far cry from where they stood last May. And the $78.1 million raised by Christie’s pales in comparison to the $705.9 million […]

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Grotesque Face Jug.

High School Project Accidentally Valued at $50,000 on Antiques Roadshow

If you have elderly parents or basic cable, you know the show: people bring in family items or garage sale finds to have them appraised by experts, and with any luck, their finds are worth maybe a few hundred bucks. For one Antiques Roadshow participant, the number awarded his item was much higher: a whopping […]

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The Met.

Met to Halt Expansion on Chipperfield Project

So much for the new expansions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The $600 million expansion project will be put on hold after museum officials announced last month that they would be changing focus from the new project to figuring out what to do about their $10 million deficit. The museum […]

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An art piece by Mary Mattingly in which a trash boulder sits on top of a naked woman.

Mary Mattingly, Boulders, and the Police

A woman pushing a boulder as big as she is, made of household things and yellow twine across the Bayonne Bridge from Staten Island to New Jersey–while not technically illegal–attracts police attention. Which is how one of Mary Mattingly’s performance sculptures wound up: with a few cop cameos in the video. She kept them in […]

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David Geffen.

David Geffen Donates $100 Million to the Museum of Modern Art

Billionaire and philanthropist David Geffen, considered one of the world’s top art collectors, has made a generous gift of $100 million to New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The funds will go to its newest expansion project, and so far Geffen’s donation is the largest in the museum’s campaign to raise money for its $440 […]

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A group of archaeologists dig for Lisa Gherardini's skull.

The Mona Lisa: Really da Vinci’s Same-Sex Lover?

Exciting news regarding the only painting anyone can name off the top of their head: a new theory about da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa suggests that the figure in the painting is based on a young man named Gian Giacomo Caprotti, better known as Salai: da Vinci’s apprentice and alleged lover. Silvano Vinceti, head of […]

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