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An image of a human figure meditating in cosmic space.

Finding Inspiration Through Meditation

“Writer’s block” is a term nearly all artists can relate to. It usually begins something like this: you want to work on your craft, you know you should work on your craft, but you just can’t seem to find the inspiration, that special kind of motivation that kicks you into high gear. No matter how […]

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A photo of Anish Kapoor's

“Descension” To Be Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Anish Kapoor, a famous Indian artist, has recently made news in the art world and online by acquiring the exclusive rights, seemingly in perpetuity, to ‘vantablack,’ the blackest pigment yet known to art. That began a rather amusing art feud with the rest of the community. Colors don’t seem like something one can steal, but […]

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A photo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For a Limited Time Only, You Can Workout at the Met

“When we go to a museum, we’re encouraged to only bring our heads, not our bodies.” Those are the words of Limer Tomer, General Manager of MetLiveArts, which is the performance branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. That sentiment is the impetus behind the Met’s newest public class: the Museum Workout. The […]

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A picture of Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop Life Class On Display Until March 26, 2017

10 years ago, British artist Jeremy Deller approached venerable rock star Iggy Pop with an idea: Iggy Pop as a model for a life drawing class, with the resulting works assembled as a museum exhibition. At the time, the star refused. He felt that any museum would reject the collection as a perverse, unappealing joke. […]

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A photo of an enormous crowd of people taken from the Women's March on Washington.

Museums Are Archiving Signs from the Women’s March

In the event that you missed it, Saturday’s Women’s March made history, or should we say, herstory. According to PoliticusUSA, it was the largest protest in American history. The Cut reports that an estimated $3.2 million people participated in this year’s march. As a result, museums around the world are now collecting Women’s March signs […]

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A picture of Oxford University.

Student Gets Rejected From Oxford, Makes Art Out of Rejection Letter

When life gave Claudia Vulliamy lemons, she didn’t make lemonade; she made art. Last year, Vulliamy applied to study classics at Wadham College (a constituent of the highly esteemed Oxford University). On January 11, she received a rejection letter. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Vulliamy decided to put the letter to good use. Within […]

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A photo of taken at the Dreamlands exhibit.

Time is Running Out to See ‘Dreamlands’ at the Whitney

The Susan and John Hess Family Theater on the third floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art looks like a set for the holodeck in Star Trek. The room is glossy black with a grid of luminous blue lines. It is sparsely furnished and meant only as a backdrop for the film works shown […]

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Two photographs by Marilyn Minter on display at an art exhibition.

‘Pretty/Dirty’ Exhibition Pushes the Boundary Between Porn and Art

Marilyn Minter paints large, and she paints dirty. It’s not that her technique is sloppy in anyway. Her huge, enamel paintings are photo-realistic, defying the viewer to come close and prove just what they’re seeing: is it a massive print or a hand-done piece? But Minter, inspired by the lascivious way women are treated in […]

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A group of protestors holding anti-Trump signs.

Inauguration Day ‘Art Strike’ Sparks Controversy

Artists from around the country are organizing an event called “Art Strike” in which those in creative lines of work are being encouraged to skip school and/or work in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The event, which was organized on social media, will take place on Friday, January 20… the same day that President-elect Donald […]

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A beautiful picture of roses in vases.

Paying Homage to Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin, an artist from Vancouver, Saskatchewan, and New Mexico, spent forty years of her long life painting peaceful mathematical abstracts and restrained landscapes. She believed that art could bring “abstract emotions” to the surface of both the creator and the consumer—positive emotions like happiness, innocence, and love, as well as the emotional experiences of […]

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