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A photo of people looking at a painting at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Has Silicon Valley Lost its Taste for Art?

In the early days of the Silicon Valley tech explosion, it was pretty common for wealthy execs to invest heavily in their own art collections, many of which were eventually bequeathed to area art museums. The newest generation of tech wealth, however, seems less inclined to invest in quite the same way. Is there less […]

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An image of a human figure meditating in cosmic space.

Finding Inspiration Through Meditation

“Writer’s block” is a term nearly all artists can relate to. It usually begins something like this: you want to work on your craft, you know you should work on your craft, but you just can’t seem to find the inspiration, that special kind of motivation that kicks you into high gear. No matter how […]

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A photo of Anish Kapoor's

“Descension” To Be Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Anish Kapoor, a famous Indian artist, has recently made news in the art world and online by acquiring the exclusive rights, seemingly in perpetuity, to ‘vantablack,’ the blackest pigment yet known to art. That began a rather amusing art feud with the rest of the community. Colors don’t seem like something one can steal, but […]

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A photo of taken at the Dreamlands exhibit.

Time is Running Out to See ‘Dreamlands’ at the Whitney

The Susan and John Hess Family Theater on the third floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art looks like a set for the holodeck in Star Trek. The room is glossy black with a grid of luminous blue lines. It is sparsely furnished and meant only as a backdrop for the film works shown […]

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Two photographs by Marilyn Minter on display at an art exhibition.

‘Pretty/Dirty’ Exhibition Pushes the Boundary Between Porn and Art

Marilyn Minter paints large, and she paints dirty. It’s not that her technique is sloppy in anyway. Her huge, enamel paintings are photo-realistic, defying the viewer to come close and prove just what they’re seeing: is it a massive print or a hand-done piece? But Minter, inspired by the lascivious way women are treated in […]

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A beautiful picture of roses in vases.

Paying Homage to Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin, an artist from Vancouver, Saskatchewan, and New Mexico, spent forty years of her long life painting peaceful mathematical abstracts and restrained landscapes. She believed that art could bring “abstract emotions” to the surface of both the creator and the consumer—positive emotions like happiness, innocence, and love, as well as the emotional experiences of […]

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A photo of an empty New York City subway car.

Second Avenue Subway Art Debuts

“Any child who has never walked into a museum or an art gallery can walk the streets of New York and be exposed to art and education simply by being a New Yorker.” Stirring words from the Governor of New York himself, Andrew Cuomo. On Monday, December 19th, Cuomo presided over the unveiling of the […]

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A phto of the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in Central Park.

New York’s Public Art Fund Presents ‘Open House’

2017 marks the 40th year of the Public Art Fund, New York City’s non-profit dedicated to keeping the city full of contemporary art and new artists in public spaces. They’ll be celebrating all year, but one of the works that visitors can’t afford to miss is Liz Glynn’s “Open House,” an open-air installation in Central Park […]

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The Manhattan Bridge shown at sunset.

Miss Manhattan and Miss Brooklyn Return

In the 1960s, New York’s master builder Robert Moses was charged with making sure that traffic ran smoothly in the ever-growing city, and he did so with a ruthless hand, removing anything he felt was an impediment. One of his casualties, or rather two, were the paired statues of Miss Manhattan and Miss Brooklyn that […]

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An assortment of vinyl records.

New Music Store ‘2 Bridges’ Opens

Simon Greenberg is a self-identified Manhattan native who grew up and went to art school in New York City. All throughout his life he’s been involved in the city’s art world, working in art galleries and album shops. Now he’s opening his own business, which is in a way a hybrid of both. 2 Bridges, […]

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