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A raised fist with the words

Non-Partisan Political Art Strikes a Nerve

Most roadside billboards tell a story—usually through advertising. But for a group of artists across America, those stories are told in the form of non-partisan political art. For Freedoms is a platform for creative civil engagement. Founded by artists Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms spreads the message of non-partisan social activism and […]

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A photo of “Wake,” a 60-something-foot animatronic sculpture that portrays a wrecked ship or a marine mammal, depending on how you look at it.

Artist Creates a ‘Nautical Traffic Jam’ in the Heart of New York

Two installations in New York’s Time Square in early July 2018 stopped city dwellers and visitors in their tracks. One of the pieces, “Wake,” is a 60-something-foot animatronic sculpture that portrays a wrecked ship or a marine mammal, depending on how you look at it. On the bow, a figure likened to a 19th-century New […]

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A colorful sculpture displayed in Collins Park as part of the 2015 Miami Art Basel.

Miami is Hosting its Very Own Version of the Swiss Art Basel

The second week of June 2018 kicks off with the Art Basel in Switzerland, which will feature 290 galleries from 35 countries. According to artnet News, 16 of those galleries are making their very first Basel debut. But if you weren’t able to make it to Switzerland this year, that’s okay, because there’s still plenty of time to […]

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A painting of a treble clef.

Artist ‘Sees’ Music, Paints Songs

Some artists paint what they know: still life, portraits, and landscapes. Other artists take a more abstract approach and paint whatever they dream up. Artist Christina Eve takes a unique approach. She paints sounds as she “sees” them. But Eve isn’t just painting what she thinks a sound might look like; she’s painting her colorful […]

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A photo taken from the outside of an H&M store. The clothing retailer was recently sued for using a graffiti artist's work without his permission.

H&M Battles With Graffiti Artist Over Copyright

Since graffiti is often viewed as vandalism, most people don’t believe the artists themselves have any legal rights to their work. But according to the Washington Post, “… artistically speaking, the law is often on their side.” Recently, clothing and retail giant H&M tested its luck when it featured a picture of a model backflipping […]

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Artist Angelica Dass speaks about her project “Humanæ” at a TedX event in Madrid, Spain.

Artist Matches People’s Skin Tone to Pantone Swatches

From to-go cups to USB flash drives, Pantone products are booming in popularity. The company is best known for its proprietary color-matching system used in fabrics, plastics, and paint. But Brazilian artist Angelica Dass, who describes herself as an “activator more than an activist,” used Pantone swatches to match Pantone colors to something else: skin […]

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A photo of a female high school student painting in art class.

Congressional Art Competition: A Contest for High School Students

Arts education has long been proven to have several key benefits, most notably the way it aids in emotional and cognitive development. But did you know arts education can also improve high school graduation rates? According to a 2011 study conducted by the New Directions for Youth Development, “Out-of-school programs, especially arts-based programs, can be critical […]

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A photo of an artist painting.

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, sponsored by Agora Gallery, is one of the most prestigious art contests in the world. It is open to visual artists in every field, including drawing, mixed media, and photography. Participants will have their work reviewed by a panel of world-renowned art critics. Selected winners will be offered a wide […]

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A 3D printer manufacturing a golden female sculpture.

Does ‘The Medium is the Message’ Apply to Art?

“The medium is the message,” is a phrase coined by professor and public intellectual Marshall McLuhan. It means that the way we send or receive information is more significant than the message initially intended. Originally applied to radio, journalism, and other forms of media, perhaps this phrase also defines how art today is being transformed by […]

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