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Doris Salcedo art

Coming Soon to the Guggenheim: Doris Salcedo

Beginning Friday, June 26th, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City will play host to Doris Salcedo’s major collection of 122 works, in a massive exhibit titled Plegaria Muda. With a name that means, approximately, “silent or silenced prayer,” a somber atmosphere among her art pieces is perhaps to be expected. Her exhibit, previously […]

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Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas Illuminates the United States Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale

Joan Jonas is an American multimedia artist representing the United States at the 56th Venice Biennale this year. “They Come To Us Without A Word” is the title of her installation in the American pavilion. It features a career spanning selection of individual works. However, her use of light, video, story, and performance create a seamless […]

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George Ferrandi

Body Language and the Art of George Ferrandi

Artist George Ferrandi focuses on sculpture, performance, and theater in works like “ok don’t look at the stranger…” (exploring wait staff body language) and “it felt like i knew you…” (looking at how strangers interact on the subway). Based in Brooklyn, Ferrandi uses a variety of mediums to look at the specifics of human interaction […]

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6 books to add to your bucket list

Books that Could Change Your Life

Have you ever read a book that you consider to have changed your life in some way? Be it fiction, motivational, or a self-help book, there are many texts that have the ability to change a person’s perspective, attitude, or spark creativity with the power of words. Here are a few books that are considered […]

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Brooklyn Zine Fest organizers

Brooklyn Zine Fest Returns to Brooklyn Historical Society for 4th Annual Event

  Zines, pronounced like “zeen,” are small circulation self-published works that can be centered around just about any topic you can think of. The word “zine” is short for fanzine or magazine, and these independently produced works have been around for decades, supported greatly by those involved in local DIY movements and artistic subcultures. One […]

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art, painting, Mona Kuhn

How to Handle Negative Criticism

  Criticism can be hard to hear and can come from a superior at work or a perfect stranger with a loud opinion. When delivered harshly, it has the power ruin a whole day and more importantly your self-esteem. It’s easy to be defensive when you’re on the receiving end on criticism and when we […]

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matisse cut outs at moma

Supporting the Arts

  Why should you support the arts? Aren’t there better causes to donate to? Well, sure, you could argue that cancer research, fighting homelessness, or any number of other issues are more deserving of your money, but the arts are quite important too. Art is part of culture, and whether you’re helping to preserve existing […]

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sotheby's fine art auction house

eBay Begins Streaming Sotheby’s Auctions

Art auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been appraising and selling fine art for centuries (both were founded way back in the 1700s!). This tradition of art auctioneering has changed tremendously over time, but perhaps the most significant change to the process occurred recently at Sotheby’s, which recently started streaming its art auctions online. […]

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akademie x artist advice

Artist Tips and Quips: How to Have a Successful Career in the Arts

Earlier this month, Phaidon released a new book called Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life, which is described as “A must-read for aspiring arts professionals.” In the book, 36 “tutors” provide unique lessons on how to thrive in the art world. These contributing tutors include Marina Abramovic, Mark Dion, Miranda July, Tim Rollins, and […]

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eliminate stress with meditation

Stress Coping Apps that Actually Work

Stress can be a good thing in small amounts; getting that extra push can be invigorating every once in a while. When it becomes a habit to always be feeling anxious it can cause problems for both your relationships and your body. But there are things that can help, like meditation. Meditation is learning how […]

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