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An attractive young woman covered in tattoos.

New Exhibit Explores the History of American Tattoos

Last Friday, The New-York Historical Society introduced a new exhibit called “Tattooed New York.” The exhibit explores New York’s tattoo history, beginning with its origins in Native American culture. Indigenous people used tattoos for one primary reason: to mark themselves as belonging to a certain tribe. But it was also commonplace for warriors to get […]

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An image that reads,

Fast Forward: Painting From the 1980s

Last Friday, the Whitney Museum of American Art opened a brand new exhibit called Fast Forward: Painting From the 1980s. Those who enjoy risqué and political art will find the exhibit most enjoyable. It’s certainly not your average run-of-the-mill exhibit. In fact, it’s virtually unheard of for any high-end museum to showcase art from the […]

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A picture of Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop Life Class On Display Until March 26, 2017

10 years ago, British artist Jeremy Deller approached venerable rock star Iggy Pop with an idea: Iggy Pop as a model for a life drawing class, with the resulting works assembled as a museum exhibition. At the time, the star refused. He felt that any museum would reject the collection as a perverse, unappealing joke. […]

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A vegetable that resembles the shape of male genitalia. A person's hand is shown snipping it with scissors.

Strange Genitals: New York’s Contentious Art Exhibit

“Genitalia is weird, and it should be fun.” That’s the mission statement from the exhibit “Strange Genitals.” “Strange Genitals” is a group effort curated by Art F City (Paddy Johnson) and Michael Anthony Farley this autumn. With contributions from 14 artists, the show is meant to shine a light on how so-called private parts are […]

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A photo of multiple historic documents (written in calligraphy) scattered about.

Time is Running Out to See ‘Treasures from the Vault’

November 13, 2016 is the last day that Treasures from the Vault will be on display. The exhibit can be viewed at the Morgan Library and Museum and is a collection of historical documents and literary manuscripts. Highlights include letters written by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Additional features include musical scores written by […]

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