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A resin sphere containing fox feces.

Great Britain Opens Crappy New Museum

Great Britain has a new and highly amusing offering for visitors: the National Poo Museum opened last week at the Isle of Wight Zoo. Visitors can see and learn about all different kinds of animal feces and what their ingredients mean. Some of those animals includes elks, lions, human babies, and fossilized excrement up to […]

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Please Touch the Art

Jeppe Hein is a bit of a rock star in Denmark, as one of their most celebrated contemporary artists. His installations are usually designed for public spaces, and always invite the audience to be participants, part of the show. Though currently based in Berlin, he’s brought his newest exhibit Please Touch the Art to New […]

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A four-inch lock of John Lennon's hair.

A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Goes Up for Auction

A fifty-year-old lock of John Lennon’s hair that is being called “significant” is going up for auction in Dallas by Heritage Auctions. The hair was freed from Lennon’s head in 1966 on the set of How I Won the War, a Richard Lester film in which Lennon played Musketeer Gripweed. The authentic, four-inch lock of […]

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A photo of the Rush Arts Gallery.

Pushing Buttons

Eleven artists are taking the ultimate in mundane objects, the humble button, and pushing them into the art realm with diverse uses in a Manhattan gallery this winter. They’ve played across a spectrum of art forms, from sculpture to portraits to wearable art, with messages that range from the simple to the political. Peter “Souleo” […]

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A photo of Kahler's

Stupendous Cat Painting Comes to Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum has announced the imminent arrival of Austrian painter Carl Kahler’s excellent work, My Wife’s Lovers, an 1891 painting of so, so many cats. The painting is a 6-by-8.5-foot oil work featuring 42 of the cats who belonged to the philanthropist who commissioned the piece, Kate Birdsall Johnson. The painting is set […]

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A man's silhouette looks at a series of blank canvases.

Indonesia Gets its First Modern Art Museum

Indonesia, a country with a rich cultural heritage and deep appreciation for art, will get its first international modern and contemporary art museum next year.  The structure is being built and financed by Haryanto Adikoesoemo, a prominent Indonesian businessman. The new museum will take over a 43,000 square foot space near the heart of Jakarta, […]

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A closeup of a female hand holding a paintbrush.

Bonham’s Sale Highlights Gender Bias in Art

London auction house Bonham’s will have a women-only section in its upcoming Post-War and Contemporary art sale on February 11th. The section will include 11 female artists to help close the gender imbalance so prevalent in the art world and to shine light on the works of those artists. According to Bonham’s, only 19 of […]

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An illustration of the Heart of Hearts exhibit.

Heart of Hearts: A Valentine’s Exhibit

If you like kissing strangers in public places for art’s sake, this is the exhibit for you. A ring of heart-shaped, mirrored booths will be installed in Times Square for Valentine’s Day. The exhibit, a sculptural piece called Heart of Hearts, will open on February 9th. The piece, created by Collective-LOK, is the winner of […]

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Frances Morris.

Frances Morris Named New Director of Tate Modern

The Tate Modern gallery announced today that its new director will be Frances Morris, who has been with the museum in different positions since 1987, when she joined as a curator. Morris will take over for Chris Dercon, the museum’s current director, when he leaves later this year to head Berlin’s Volksbühne theater. In her […]

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A shadow of Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel.

Ana Prvacki and the Business of Stealing Shadows

You’ve probably never considered that shadows could be stolen. They belong exclusively to some person or some form, someone else, not you. But artist Ana Prvacki wants to show you that not only can shadows be stolen, they’re art, too. Her new art series, aptly titled Stealing Shadows, will display the shadows of famous sculptures […]

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