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Alanna Heiss

Alanna Heiss: “Most people like me are not attracted to museums”

Alanna Heiss is a NYC-based artist and self-described events “organizer,” pioneer of the “alternative space movement” of the 1970s, and founder and former Director of MoMA PS1. She is also the founder and Director of Clocktower Productions, a nonprofit arts organization and online radio station. Heiss was recently interviewed for the December 2014 issue of […]

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Lily Hunter Green

Artist Spotlight: Lily Hunter Green

Lily Hunter Green is an English musician and visual artist whose highly conceptual works are inspired by sounds, places, and even the smallest of creatures, like bees. Cultivating Culture first discovered Green’s incredible musical compositions in a newly funded Kickstarter Campaign for her project, “Bee-Composed,” in which the artist will transform a decomposing piano into […]

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Artist Spotlight: Photographer Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso is a London-based photographer with a penchant for self-portraiture. Calypso’s photographs, all at once bizarre and deeply engaging, are a far cry from today’s mundane “selfie,” however. Rather, the artist is able to personify a woman deeply entangled in the constructs of contemporary feminine beauty – Joyce – a character that has evolved […]

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Arts Spotlight: JJ Brine and VECTOR Gallery

VECTOR Gallery occupies just a small slice of New York City’s Lower East Side, but as a Posthuman Art experience and the “Official Gallery of Satan,” you can imagine that its presence is becoming quite prolific. Curated and run by artist and Crown Prince of Hell JJ Brine, VECTOR is a conceptual art gallery that […]

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For Morgan Grace, ‘Heart Is Where the Home Is’

Working closely with members of Austin’s homeless community inspired musician and social work student Morgan Grace to look at the concept of “home” in a new way. What is tangible for some is more fluid and uncertain for others, something that many homeless individuals can attest to. Just because houseless folk don’t have traditional possessions […]

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Artist Spotlight: Writer and Director Henry Arroyo

When Henry Arroyo set out to create his latest short film, he had a fairytale in mind. The writer and director is committed to furthering himself as an artist by creating compelling stories, and his latest project, My Friend John, is an imaginative journey, told through the eyes of a child. Arroyo admits that being […]

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Artist Spotlight: Writer and Director Sophia Liu

Sophia Liu is a Chinese writer and artist whose directorial debut, “Ne Te Retourne Pas,” was recently completed after months of tireless working and editing in Paris. The short film is a brilliant culmination of her own experiences, illustrated in the struggles of Louise and Natalie, whom the story follows. The film portrays the two […]

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