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An advertisement for The Lion King musical shown outside of the Minskoff Theatre in New York City.

Paying Tribute to the Highest Grossing Musical in History

The Lion King is a true powerhouse of success; it’s a book, a Disney movie, and an award-winning Broadway musical. While most people are familiar with the story of Simba growing up to reclaim his father’s kingdom, they know it from the Disney movie. Fewer people have had the privilege of seeing the musical, though. […]

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Employees reinstall the Alamo structure.

Astor Place Cube (AKA the Alamo) Reinstalled

The Astor Place Cube, commonly known as the Alamo, has been a feature of the East Village intersection for almost 50 years, despite originally having been intended to be a temporary installation. The same year it was installed, 1967, locals petitioned for it to remain in place. The artist, Tony Rosenthal, deeded it over to […]

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A photo of multiple historic documents (written in calligraphy) scattered about.

Time is Running Out to See ‘Treasures from the Vault’

November 13, 2016 is the last day that Treasures from the Vault will be on display. The exhibit can be viewed at the Morgan Library and Museum and is a collection of historical documents and literary manuscripts. Highlights include letters written by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Additional features include musical scores written by […]

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A photo of cars passing through a toll booth.

New York Tollbooths to Be Revamped into Art

On Wednesday October 5th, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York’s congestion-causing tollbooths are all to be removed in a total revamping of the Mass Transit Authority-run toll bridges and tunnels. They’ll be replacing them with open-road tolling, an automatic process using EZPass and cameras, a system widely in use elsewhere in […]

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A photo of a stained glass house beneath a New York bridge.

Art in Odd Places Festival Comes to Manhattan

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) is an organization about putting or performing art in unexpected ways, in unexpected places, with a goal of sneaking art in where it is not technically allowed. It was formed in 1996 in Atlanta by a group of artists who saw a reduction in public spaces and in public rights […]

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A photo of the cast from Bob's Burgers.

A Bob’s Burgers Inspired Art Exhibition

Bob’s Burgers is an adult animated TV show that is broadcasted on Fox. It has been wildly popular in the last few years. The show is centered on the Belchers: a family full of quirky personalities. Although the show is mostly centered on humor, at times the storyline is uplifting as viewers watch the family […]

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A photo of

‘Vessel’: the 15-Story Staircase that Leads to Nowhere

The concept art for “Vessel” looks like a set piece from a future sci-fi film. “Vessel” is a massive honey-comb shape of openings and staircases. It’s going to be a public art installation in New York City, planned for the Hudson Yards mixed-use development. British Designer Thomas Heatherwick intends the massive piece to serve as […]

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An image of a flock of birds in flight.

Hauser and Wirth Gallery’s New “Fly Away” Exhibition

Rashid Johnson’s new exhibition, Fly Away, is well suited for its spacious home in New York’s Hauser and Wirth Gallery. The centerpiece installation, Within Our Gates, is a towering collection of black cube shelves filled with a profusion of plants, books, sculptures, and Shea butter. In the high, airy space of the gallery, it looks […]

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A photo of a man looking at Andy Warhol paintings.

Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York

On October 7, 2016, the Museum of the City of New York will present Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York. The exhibit will explore the counter-culture of the early 20th century queer community and the abundance of creativity that it brought. Gay Gotham is a tribute to New York’s most distinguished LGBT […]

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A photo of the German flag.

The Early Works of A.R. Penck

A.R. Penck was born into the Germany of World War II, and grew up in East German isolation and poverty. As an artist, he had no formal training, and very little contact with the artistic products of his contemporaries in the West. But in the 1980s, in the mad burst of interest in Germany before […]

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