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Elizabeth A. Sackler

Cultivators of Culture: Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler

Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler is a public historian, Native American advocate, arts activist, honorary member of the Guerrilla Girls, and, according to the Women’s Media Center (WMC), “is transforming the public’s perception and understanding of 21st century Feminist Art.” She is responsible for the creation of the Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, […]

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artist trust seattle

Cultivators of Culture: Artist Trust

In cites where arts and culture are vital to the health of many communities, the presence of organizations that foster an appreciation for the arts, raise funds for local artists, and support community members that work to bring the arts to the forefront is absolutely necessary. The local arts communities from New York City to Los Angeles would be at […]

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Humans of New York

Cultivators of Culture: Brandon Stanton, Creator, Humans of New York

  Brandon Stanton is the creative mind behind Humans of New York, one of the most widely shared and adored large-scale photography projects in the world. After losing his job trading bonds in Chicago, Stanton made the decision to move to New York City and take photographs of strangers he met on the street. Humans […]

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Janet Echelman

Cultivators of Culture: Janet Echelman

Vancouver residents and attendees of TED Conference’s 30th Anniversary celebration were in for a treat this year, as world-renowned artist Janet Echelman assembled her greatest work to date above the bustling city streets. According to the artist’s website, “Studio Echelman installed its largest, most interactive sculpture installation to date [in] March 2014. The monumental aerial […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Tyree Guyton and The Heidelberg Project

One of the best things about art is its undeniable power to transform lives. Art can help to build or strengthen communities, and it can have a lasting effect on forgotten or abandoned neighborhoods, long after the artist has moved on. Detroit, Michigan, as well as its suburban outskirts, is one of the most notoriously […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Lady Pink

We recently wrote about the incredible female street artists at Art Basel Miami Beach, and how their loud, vibrant presence speaks to the talent that women graffiti artists possess. Though grossly underrepresented in urban art culture, female street artists have proven to be a formidable force. One artist, known as Lady Pink, knows this better […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Rebecca Odes, Jill Soloway, and has been “filling the hole since 2013.” What this means is that this brand new independent media outlet is contributing to entertainment in a way that has been seriously lacking. Designed to challenge the limitations of women’s entertainment, is an inclusive, diverse, and empowering source of fun and informative media. And it isn’t […]

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The ABCs of Arts Mentorship

“For many education advocates, the arts are a panacea: They supposedly increase test scores, generate social responsibility and turn around failing schools.” – Brian Kisida, Jay P. Greene, and Daniel H. Bowen for The New York Times For decades, researchers have investigated the correlation between the arts and academic achievement, a topic that, happily, has […]

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candy chang artist

Cultivators of Culture: Candy Chang

After losing a loved one, New Orleans artist Candy Chang was compelled to overcome her grief in an inspiring way. Using chalkboard paint, she covered one side of an abandoned building in her neighborhood before stenciling the sentence “Before I die I want to_________________.” In little more than a day after the wall’s completion, it […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Alanna Heiss

  Recently we’ve written about some of the most innovative and “alternative” art spaces in New York City, without paying proper homage to the visionary behind them. Alanna Heiss is one of the most prolific figures in the global art scene, and her presence in the 1970s alternative art scene changed the face of contemporary […]

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