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A New York City street vendor selling hot dogs.

3-D Image Installation Pays Tribute to New York City’s Street Vendors

There’s something special about street food in New York City, and it’s not really the food at all. It’s the people, the tough-as-nails community of vendors running the cars and vans that sell hot dogs, pretzels, crepes, and gyros. They hawk their goods on strategically-chosen corners, some staking out a particular site for years at […]

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3-D art museums

Interact with Art…in 3-D

Museums have always allowed visitors to interact with art—but a museum trend started in South Korea is taking that interaction to a whole new level. 3-D museums, where optical illusions allow visitors to literally interact with and participate in the art, are becoming popular in Asia, particularly in Korea and China. “It is a booming […]

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