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A person with their mouth sewn shut.

The Relationship Between Art Censorship and Dictatorship

When most people think of a dictator, they picture a violent leader who physically enslaves his citizens. But the modern-day tyrant is much more dangerous due to his subtle approach to totalitarianism. Rather than commit overt acts of oppression, he’s much more likely to engage in indirect forms of it. One common tactic involves the […]

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A photo of Chinese artist Ai WeiWei taking questions from the press.

Art That Pushes Societal Boundaries

The art world is a great place to push the boundaries of what feels “safe” and to ask questions we might not be able to ask anywhere else. Whether an artist is a student or a full-blown professional, the art that’s really capturing the world’s imagination right now is the kind that dares to go […]

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A close-up photo of a camera lens.

Interactive ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Exhibit Recreates the Feeling of Being Watched

Shambling around in a large, dark space with uneven floors and walls sounds like a particularly avant-garde brand of art installation. Over-head, flying drones buzz unseen while you bumble into your fellow art appreciators. And on the floor below you, the only light in the room projects your own path. The projections are an infrared […]

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A red and yellow artistic rendition of the radioactivity symbol.

Don’t Follow the Wind: Fukushima Disaster Site Becomes Art

The site of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown is quiet: soundless, empty, stirred only by the earth. But Fukushima is not voiceless: the radioactive site has now become an art project called “Don’t Follow the Wind,” a collaboration between 12 Japanese and foreign artists. Because only the artists are allowed into the space, “Don’t Follow the […]

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