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A blank, black chalkboard, waiting.

Art Historian Steven Nelson on #BlackOnCampus and Art Historians

Steven Nelson, a full art history professor at UCLA and the director of the African Studies Center, is weighing in on the current #BlackOnCampus hashtag rippling through Twitter and his own experiences being a person of color not only on campus, but as an authority figure and teacher at a university. According to his research, […]

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kara walker a subtlety in Brooklyn

Kara Walker Addresses Responses to her Brooklyn Installation

Last summer, artist Kara Walker created an installation of epic proportions in her Brooklyn exhibition, “A Subtlety.” Presented by Creative Time, “A Subtlety” was created to honor people that have been historically exploited and marginalized; it was set, appropriately, in the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg. Recently, Walker responded to the reactions “A Subtlety” received […]

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