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teen wolf fan art

Teen Wolf Fan Art Exhibition

Fan art has a long history. Every piece of artwork inspired by a story is fan art, from ancient frescos of still-more ancient legends through Da Vinci’s Last Supper to the explosion of television- and movie-inspired art that floods sharing sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Today, a lot of derision is attached to fanworks, but […]

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Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas Illuminates the United States Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale

Joan Jonas is an American multimedia artist representing the United States at the 56th Venice Biennale this year. “They Come To Us Without A Word” is the title of her installation in the American pavilion. It features a career spanning selection of individual works. However, her use of light, video, story, and performance create a seamless […]

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George Ferrandi

Body Language and the Art of George Ferrandi

Artist George Ferrandi focuses on sculpture, performance, and theater in works like “ok don’t look at the stranger…” (exploring wait staff body language) and “it felt like i knew you…” (looking at how strangers interact on the subway). Based in Brooklyn, Ferrandi uses a variety of mediums to look at the specifics of human interaction […]

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sotheby's fine art auction house

eBay Begins Streaming Sotheby’s Auctions

Art auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been appraising and selling fine art for centuries (both were founded way back in the 1700s!). This tradition of art auctioneering has changed tremendously over time, but perhaps the most significant change to the process occurred recently at Sotheby’s, which recently started streaming its art auctions online. […]

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Now on View: Sonic Arboretum at the ICA

Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is offering some truly incredible exhibitions this season, featuring a diverse array of artists from different cultures and artistic disciplines. One of the most impressive exhibits on view now is a collaboration between sculptor and instrument-maker Ian Schneller and Andrew Bird called Sonic Arboretum. If Andrew Bird is a […]

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White House Holiday Card 2014

Emily Buchanan Tapped for White House Holiday Card

According to her bio, Emily Buchanan is a plein air landscape painter who primarily recreates scenes from Litchfield County, Connecticut, the Hudson River Valley, and the Berkshires. Other commissions have taken her around the world, but her primary work is done in New England in places like Squam Lake, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, […]

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christie's art auction house

What’s Next for Christie’s Auction House?

Last month, Christie’s Auctions and Private Sales experienced an unexpected internal rift as Chief Executive Steven Murphy stepped down from the position he has held since 2010. The New York Times reported on December 2, “in a swift move that surprised even auction house insiders, Christie’s announced that Mr. Murphy was stepping down. He will […]

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Monet | Kelly

The Clark Art Institute Presents Monet | Kelly

Next month, the Clark Art Institute opens Monet | Kelly, a highly anticipated exhibition that will explore the ways in which Claude Monet’s body of work has influenced the art of Ellsworth Kelly. Monet, the late impressionist painter, has undoubtedly influenced countless artists, and leading contemporary American artist Ellsworth Kelly is no exception. Monet | […]

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sotheby's fine art auction house

 Fine Art Meets Big Business at Sotheby’s

It should come as no surprise that accessing fine art often comes at a price, and a pretty steep one we might add. There are very few museums that offer free admission on a regular basis, and paying for art, particularly rare pieces, can quite literally cost collectors millions. It was the late pop artist […]

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the water tank project

Water Above All: The Water Tank Project Merges Art and Activism

One of the most anticipated large-scale arts events coming to New York City this summer is also one of the most socially conscious. The Water Tank Project is an initiative founded by documentary filmmaker Mary Jordan, whose international travels have shown her the value of clean drinking water in developing countries. This summer the project […]

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