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A photo of a young refugee girl.

Art Therapy Class Helps Child Refugees Overcome the Horrors of War

Those who have lived through war will forever be haunted by its images. The bloodshed, the violence, the destruction, the displacement—these traumatizing experiences permanently imprint themselves in a person’s mind. But there are certain coping mechanisms that can make life a little more bearable. In Greece, for example, there’s an art therapy program that is […]

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The Kalamazoo Institute of Art.

Kalamazoo Museum Offers Free Admission in Wake of Shooting

Following the February 20th shootings in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts will offer free admission through the end of February. Admission is currently free. Six people were killed and two critically injured in the incident; the suspect has since been arrested. “We want to open our doors to share the peace and beauty […]

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Painted rainbow squiggles on a canvas.

Art Therapy Comes to Your Phone

A new mobile device app called Chromaldry is helping users turn their photos into art in a kind of on-the-go art therapy. Though the app cannot officially be called “art therapy” because it is not supervised by an actual, licensed art-therapist, the app is still pretty relaxing and, for many, might help relieve stress. Chromaldry […]

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eliminate stress with meditation

Stress Coping Apps that Actually Work

Stress can be a good thing in small amounts; getting that extra push can be invigorating every once in a while. When it becomes a habit to always be feeling anxious it can cause problems for both your relationships and your body. But there are things that can help, like meditation. Meditation is learning how […]

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getting over a creative block

3 Ways to Transform your Worries into Creativity

MindBodyGreen contributor and holistic wellness coach Sarah Woehler recently wrote an informative and important article about how to channel excess anxiety into creativity. In it she writes, “In times of emotional turmoil and duress, we often find ourselves dealing with what feels like an excess of anxious energy – it can be catalyzed by sadness, […]

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art therapy 2015

Resolve to De-Stress Using Art in 2015

Have you ever considered how difficult it is to keep personal resolutions this time of year? Think about it! When New Year’s rolls around we encourage ourselves to eat better, get “fit,” and be more active, all while fighting against instincts that tell us to indulge in comfort food, sleep more, and bundle up inside […]

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