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Street art by Hanksy

Hanksy: Punster Street Art in NYC

The Donald Trump presidential campaign inspired a lot of strong feelings across the country. Trump has been the subject of countless satirical pieces. One that became quite a sensation was a piece of art done on a wall in New York City. It was a mixture of Donald Trump and the poop emoji used on […]

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A clean photo of the Intimisms exhibit.


Intimism is a genre of art (and occasionally literature) depicting close, confined, intimate scenes, often with emotional weight and implied story, often of the domestic sort. “The Bedroom” by Van Gogh would be an example, though he would not have identified it as such. The term came about just a little later, with artists like […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Art

“Every man is an artist,” said German avant-garde sculptor and performance artist Joseph Beuys. It’s evident that a new generation has become enticed by the chances of finding new and potentially high-value artists. Living with an art collection (of any size) can be a rewarding experience for many reasons, especially if you’re passionate about it. […]

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A colorful grouping of chairs

3 Furniture Design Books to Check Out

Furniture design is a special field where fashion and function collide. Furniture pieces not only add practicality to a space, but they also add personality and style. Furniture design has significantly evolved over time.  Some styles have remained somewhat constant throughout the years, whereas others have drastically changed or become outdated. Today, creating new furniture […]

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Grotesque Face Jug.

High School Project Accidentally Valued at $50,000 on Antiques Roadshow

If you have elderly parents or basic cable, you know the show: people bring in family items or garage sale finds to have them appraised by experts, and with any luck, their finds are worth maybe a few hundred bucks. For one Antiques Roadshow participant, the number awarded his item was much higher: a whopping […]

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A group of archaeologists dig for Lisa Gherardini's skull.

The Mona Lisa: Really da Vinci’s Same-Sex Lover?

Exciting news regarding the only painting anyone can name off the top of their head: a new theory about da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa suggests that the figure in the painting is based on a young man named Gian Giacomo Caprotti, better known as Salai: da Vinci’s apprentice and alleged lover. Silvano Vinceti, head of […]

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A hand guides a drone's movements.

Drones + Sharpies = Art?

A new innovation allows people to make art with just a Sharpie marker and a drone. The “Flying Pantograph,” developed by researchers at MIT, is really meant to be an easier way to guide and fly drones, but if you mount art products to the machine, you can make any number of wonderful, unique things […]

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A tombstone for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Makes for a Field Day in the Arts

Artists have a way of saying so much with so little (as the case actually is with a piece of art by Illma Gore, but we’ll get to that). Of course, that’s a misleading way to open this blog: presidential hopeful Donald Trump has given artists and comedians a lot to work with, even before […]

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Q-Tip performing.

Kennedy Center Gets its First Hip-Hop Director

For the first time in its long history, the Kennedy Center will focus on hip-hop music and culture for the 2016-2017 season. The organization has appointed rapper and producer Q-Tip to curate the selection, a year-long festival of performances and the arts. This is Kennedy Center President Deborah Rutter’s first season of programming. The year […]

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A rusty TV with white noise and the word

China Creates New Censorship Laws for Online Television

It’s probably a bad day to try to enjoy shows from China’s booming online television industry. The nation’s government has issued new regulations for its online television that prohibit certain content themes, like gay relationships, underage romances, extramarital affairs, smoking, witchcraft, or reincarnation. These regulations have already been in place for China’s regular television for […]

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