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A painting of a young girl sitting at the end of a tunnel.

Exploring the Connection Between Creativity and Mental Illness

From schizophrenia to depression to bipolar disorder, many a great artists were fraught with mental illness. Even the legendary Vincent Van Gogh was no stranger to psychiatric affliction. The troubled artist went as far as chopping off his own ear after a heated verbal altercation with his close friend, Paul Gauguin. In 1888, Van Gogh […]

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art, painting, Mona Kuhn

How to Handle Negative Criticism

  Criticism can be hard to hear and can come from a superior at work or a perfect stranger with a loud opinion. When delivered harshly, it has the power ruin a whole day and more importantly your self-esteem. It’s easy to be defensive when you’re on the receiving end on criticism and when we […]

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CSA art

10 Inspiring Quotes from Artists and Philosophers

  Often, reading and reflecting can be just as inspiring as immersing yourself in the visual arts. Some of the most inspiring, provocative musings are from people who have spent their lives surrounded by arts and culture – artists who have carved out their perception of life through the arts. What are some of your […]

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The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)

Cultivators of Culture: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Since 1973, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council has been dedicated to making New York City’s Downtown area a leader in the arts and culture. Through advocacy programs, providing grants, and organizing cultural events and for the community, the LMCC continues to thrive as a force delivering culture to New York City. The nonprofit organization has […]

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Museum of Modern Art

The Best of Friends: Ellsworth Kelly and MoMA

Ellsworth Kelly and the Museum of Modern Art—MoMa for short—go way back. Mr Kelly, who celebrated his 90th birthday on May 31st, has had a friend in the museum since the 1959, when curator Dorothy Miller organized the “Sixteen Americans” exhibit, the first to feature his work there. Miller was one of the fist curators […]

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Girl with tattoo on beach

Tattoos: Anarchy or Artistry?

Tattoos have been a part of human society for thousands of years. The designs can simply be ornamental or incorporate complex symbolism. They can be elaborate or simple, and can represent anything from religion to punishment to status. A loved one can even be remembered or honored with a tattoo. The earliest evidence of tattoos […]

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Jasper Johns

Millions in Art Donated to Whitney Museum Auction

An estimated $8 million in art has been donated to an auction to raise money for the construction of a new building for the Whitney Museum of American Art. The New York museum is currently working on designing and creating a new space that will be about three times as big as their current location. […]

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5,000 Manhattan pay phones are now

NYC Pay Phones Travel Back to 1993

New York wasn’t always the city it is today. It may be pretty glamorous these days, but there was a time when things were a bit dirtier, a bit grittier, and a bit more dangerous. Twenty years ago, the city was still a major cultural hub, but in an altogether different way. A new pay […]

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Tide line

Art Shows Climate Change Effects

The David Suzuki Foundation recently conducted a guerrilla campaign to remind people about the effects of climate change. The Tideline uses art to directly confront people with images they might otherwise not think about. It makes climate change pertinent to everyone—as it should be. About 70 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into atmosphere […]

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ASTEP: Transforming Lives Through the Power of the Arts

By Mauricio Salgado “All right everyone, take a deep breath and let it out. I find that whenever I’m in an uncomfortable or unexpected situation, I stop breathing. That might happen a lot in this workshop–so let’s make it a rule to breathe.” That’s how we began the Artist as Citizen workshop at the 2013 […]

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