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Supporting the Arts

  Why should you support the arts? Aren’t there better causes to donate to? Well, sure, you could argue that cancer research, fighting homelessness, or any number of other issues are more deserving of your money, but the arts are quite important too. Art is part of culture, and whether you’re helping to preserve existing […]

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The Complicated, Cultural Whirlwind that was Art Basel Miami Beach

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of THE cultural experience that is Art Basel Miami Beach. Founded in 1970, Art Basel presents the world’s premiere contemporary art shows annually in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami, where it recently wrapped its massive, four-day event. The international Art Basel shows have evolved and attracted more and more […]

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Eve Ensler Marries Arts & Activism

Who is Eve Ensler? Perhaps a better question would be, “Who isn’t Eve Ensler?” Listed as one of Newsweek’s 150 Women Who Have Changed the World, there isn’t much that seems out of her reach. Besides being a best-selling author, Ensler is also an award-winning playwright and the woman responsible for The Vagina Monologues. But Ensler’s work isn’t self-serving […]

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Madison Square Garden

Campaign to Relocate Madison Square Garden Begins

Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic locations in the country. It is a point of pride for New Yorkers and something that people all around the world have heard of, even if they’ve never been there or don’t know what it looks like. Madison Square Garden sits on top of Penn Station, one […]

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Sotheby's will move forward with its Paris sale of about 300 pre-Columbian antiquities, despite numerous objections from four Latin American countries citing cultural ownership.

Sotheby’s To Sell Pre-Columbian Antiquities Despite Objections

Sotheby’s says it will move forward with the sale of about 300 pre-Columbian antiquities in Paris this weekend despite concerns from four Latin American countries. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru have all contacted the auction house with objections to the sale of items they believe to have been illegally exported from their home countries. […]

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Season of Cambodia has been in the works for over four years. It celebrates the revival of the arts in Cambodia.

The Season of Cambodia Festival

Here’s a celebration you won’t want to miss: the “Season of Cambodia” festival that’s been four years in the making. Beginning in April, New York City will host over 125 Cambodian artists for the festival, which is dedicated to the celebration of Cambodian arts, culture, and humanities. “Distinctive works form master and emerging artists and […]

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Cultivators of Culture: Thomas Uger

Thomas Uger is a businessman and cultivator of culture. An executive at private equity giant Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), he has navigated a successful career. But like all of the people we profile at Cultivating Culture, Thomas Uger is more than just a businessman. He’s also a lover of the arts and a man of […]

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ASTEP: Transforming Lives Through the Power of the Arts

By Mauricio Salgado “All right everyone, take a deep breath and let it out. I find that whenever I’m in an uncomfortable or unexpected situation, I stop breathing. That might happen a lot in this workshop–so let’s make it a rule to breathe.” That’s how we began the Artist as Citizen workshop at the 2013 […]

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Earle I Mack has appeared in Bloodhorse magazine

Cultivators of Culture: Earle I Mack

Earle I Mack is one man who is dedicated to culture and the arts. Throughout his life, he has been a businessman and a public serviceman, a philanthropist and a lover of the arts, a protector of horses and an advocate for education. Mack continues to be a prime example of what it means to […]

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Dave Brubeck Dies At 91

Dave Brubeck, the pianist who stole our hearts with his Jazz and Classical-inspired music, passed away early Wednesday morning—just one day short of his 92nd birthday. He was on his way to a routine checkup with his cardiologist when he died of heart failure according to his manager/producer/conductor Russell Gloyd. “Take Five” and other well-known […]

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