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A photo of wedded couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Unleash New Music Video Featuring The Louvre

Pop culture and Parisian museums mixed when Jay-Z and Beyoncé—also known as “the Carters”—debuted their joint music video, “Apesh**t,” on June 16, 2018. During the music video, the pop stars can be seen with a posse of dancers, grooving and grinding in front of famous artworks that span more than three millennia at The Louvre. Most […]

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Contemporary Graffiti: Expressive Street Art or Vandalism?

Since it began to receive commercial attention in the early 1980s, graffiti has long since existed as a point of contention in artistic and social communities. Graffiti as we know it has endured an evolving history, its origins linked to both urban gangs as well as to pure artistic expression. Smashing Magazine discusses this evolution, […]

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After Effects features more than 20 artists devastated by Sandy

NYC Artists Find Inspiration in Sandy

It’s been months since Superstorm Sandy swept across the east coast, a swirling mess of destruction. Sandy took out homes and cities, took lives and spirits. Particularly hard hit were the artists of Chelsea and Rockaway. Many had their life’s work washed away, some even losing their homes or studios as well. Beat down and […]

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