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A cast of Mino da Fiesole's Portrait of a Young Woman at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

59 Renaissance Sculptures Discovered

Now for some good news! Art historians have uncovered a whopping 59 sculptures from the Italian Renaissance, which had been missing from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow since World War II. These sculptures include works by Donatello, Giovanni Pisano, and Andrea del Verrocchio, among other famous artists. The works were discovered in a flak tower […]

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A photo of the Two Orchids installation on a sunny day.

Two Orchids: Decorative Neutrality

Tethered for support to two metal poles, the two delicate stalks of realistic white blooms frame the southeast entrance of New York’s Central Park like a pair of fairy-scale lamp posts. Stainless steel somehow made delicate by the sculpture’s skill, they rise to 28 and 34 feet tall. Sculpted by Isa Genzken, Berlin-based contemporary artist, […]

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