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A drawing of a flower, pictured in black and white.

A Tribute To The Late Rosemary Mayer

When Rosemary Mayer passed away in 2014 at the age of seventy-one, her obituary was a glowing list of accomplishments for any artist. She illustrated epic poems from throughout history, had solo exhibitions in galleries around the world, and received art grants from governments and private philanthropists alike. She taught art history for decades, and […]

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A group of people sit together in a group meeting.

Gentrifiers Anonymous

It might be reaching to call “Gentrifiers Anonymous” an art project, but that is how the creators style their work. What the project appears more to be is a satiric Alcoholics Anonymous-style group event where those with gentrifiers’ guilt can gather congratulate themselves on being self-aware. In theory and in motive, “Gentrifiers Anonymous” appears to […]

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An aerial view of Brooklyn on a nice day.

1:54: Popup Art Comes to Brooklyn

In 2015, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair was a pop-up event in Brooklyn. That was a test, to see if there was a market for the full show, which has been a London event for the past three years. Their 2015 success in New York paved the way for this year’s show, which will take […]

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Wayne Lawrence

Wayne Lawrence’s Bronx Riviera

Portrait photography has the ability to be the most poignant artistic medium you’ll ever come across. There may be nothing more intimate than taking a photograph of someone’s face, their home, their child, or their community, stripped of pretense and captured only to reveal the purest essence of one’s relationship to the world around them. […]

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Wooster Collective Celebrates 10 Years of Street Art

When Marc and Sara Schiller began to conceptualize Wooster Collective more than a decade ago, they perhaps never realized that a group dedicated to promoting ephemeral urban art would be such an influential (and enduring) undertaking. This month the Collective, which is named for a street in the SOHO part of NYC, is celebrating ten […]

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girl with fresh blueberries

A Pop-up Workshop at the Intersection of Art and Food

Not everyone who appreciates art describes it as “delicious,” but maybe they should. At least that’s what With Food In Mind founder Nicole J. Caruth thinks. With Food In Mind is a non-profit organization based out of Brooklyn, New York, that’s mission is to create social change by combining food with visual arts and culture. […]

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poetic woman

Slice Magazine: For the Old and the New

For emerging authors and writers, getting published is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. For established writers, it’s important to be published by respectable sources. Even if you have a book under your wing, that can still be difficult. Slice Magazine provides an answer to both dilemmas: it’s a twice-yearly non-profit […]

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Jennie C Jones

Brooklyn Artist Jennie Jones Receives $50K

Jennie Jones probably jumped for joy when she heard this news: The Studio Museum in Harlem is honoring her with its Wein Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in contemporary art today. A painter and sculptor, Ms. Jones is based out of Brooklyn and centers her work on music and “listening as a conceptual […]

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