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A person with their mouth sewn shut.

The Relationship Between Art Censorship and Dictatorship

When most people think of a dictator, they picture a violent leader who physically enslaves his citizens. But the modern-day tyrant is much more dangerous due to his subtle approach to totalitarianism. Rather than commit overt acts of oppression, he’s much more likely to engage in indirect forms of it. One common tactic involves the […]

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A rusty TV with white noise and the word

China Creates New Censorship Laws for Online Television

It’s probably a bad day to try to enjoy shows from China’s booming online television industry. The nation’s government has issued new regulations for its online television that prohibit certain content themes, like gay relationships, underage romances, extramarital affairs, smoking, witchcraft, or reincarnation. These regulations have already been in place for China’s regular television for […]

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Chinese flags wave through a city.

UK Sends Prized Art to China

The United Kingdom and Chancellor George Osborne have pledged 7 million pounds as part of a drive to showcase British culture in China. Prized artworks from Shakespeare to David Hockney will travel to the country to promote cultural ties. An additional 3 million pounds will be spent bolstering Chinese tourism in the UK, and 750,000 […]

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Garment workers in Bangladesh. Image: AP / A.M. Ahad

Our Clothing Comes at a Cost: How the Bangladeshi Factory Collapse Has Ignited a Conversation on Ethics

Dangerous conditions are a reality of the garment industry in Bangladesh, a fact that has been made globally public after a recent factory collapse claimed 1,127 lives, a disturbing number that continues to escalate. While thousands of people in Dhaki, Bangladesh grieve over this tremendous loss, the rest of the world has been posed with […]

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Andy Warhol's 1972

Mao Paintings Banned From China Warhol Exhibition

Shanghai wants to one day be considered a world art capital. Just last fall, the government funded several modern and contemporary art museums. But the city will have a hard time being considered a cultural capital if it continues censoring material the government deems politically sensitive and pornographic. A perfect example is the recent ban […]

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