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A set stage, ready to open.

Find Yourself Here

Take three dancers, add three visual artists, portion them into three trios and put them into the pressure cooker of an art space, and you have Joanna Kotze’s Find Yourself Here, a powerful evening-length collaboration described as “a dialogue between bodies and disciplines.” The multi-media performance will be housed at New York City’s Baryshnikov Arts […]

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Lincoln Center dance

Coming Soon: Great American Dance Cinema from Lincoln Center

New York City has an abundance of places to see incredible dance performances. The Baryshnikov Arts Center, La Mama, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts are just some of the incredible dance-centric organizations in NYC, the latter of which will soon be celebrating dance through the big screen. Lincoln […]

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Arts Spotlight: The World Premiere of ‘HackPolitik’

It is remarkable how art allows us to examine contemporary facets of culture and magnify the impact of complex present issues – often, without even uttering a word. Dance and other performance arts can be the most expressive when interpreting ideas or concerns that are relevant, yet somewhat intangible. Combining the portrayal of real-life events […]

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BAM: For Adventuresome Artists and Audiences

Did you know that America’s oldest performing arts center is located right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York? The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) was founded in 1861, and since its inception it has grown to be inclusive of a multitude of artistic genres. In its more than 150 years as a major perming […]

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Season of Cambodia has been in the works for over four years. It celebrates the revival of the arts in Cambodia.

The Season of Cambodia Festival

Here’s a celebration you won’t want to miss: the “Season of Cambodia” festival that’s been four years in the making. Beginning in April, New York City will host over 125 Cambodian artists for the festival, which is dedicated to the celebration of Cambodian arts, culture, and humanities. “Distinctive works form master and emerging artists and […]

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The Rolling Stones went on their 50th Anniversary tour this year

2012 Moments in Culture to Remember

The past year was full of culture sensations, some more worthy of our attention than others. Twenty-twelve brought us many successes and failures, revelations and metamorphoses. Let’s start with music culture, where we enjoyed the 50th anniversary tour of the Rolling Stones. Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen joined hands to raise money for victims […]

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