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A photo of rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Not So Fast: Kendrick Lamar is Not the Feminist You Think He Is

When Kendrick Lamar rapped about the beauty of stretch marks in “Humble,” many lauded him as a feminist. But does this one body-positive line make up for the 40 times that he uses the word “bitch” in the same song? And does it make up for the line in which he says, “Girl, I can […]

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Red lipstick

Eve Ensler Marries Arts & Activism

Who is Eve Ensler? Perhaps a better question would be, “Who isn’t Eve Ensler?” Listed as one of Newsweek’s 150 Women Who Have Changed the World, there isn’t much that seems out of her reach. Besides being a best-selling author, Ensler is also an award-winning playwright and the woman responsible for The Vagina Monologues. But Ensler’s work isn’t self-serving […]

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Rosie the Riveter was actually a Michigan factory worker named Geraldine Hoff

The Definition of a Feminist

When we hear the word “feminist,” what do we think of? A common image that comes to mind is a woman, strong-willed and fighting for her rights–like this one: There’s nothing wrong with that image, for she most certainly is a feminist. There’s just an underlying assumption that is often, but not always, true. The […]

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