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US Senate Just Isn’t Sure About Private Art Museums

For all the good and wonder that art brings into our lives, the art industry has provided a lot of opportunities for crime and deceit (does anyone else remember The Thomas Crown Affair?). As such, the government is a little wary of people that want to privatize art museums, as they could lead to more […]

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Neighborhood Art Walks Strengthen Communities, Celebrate Local Artists

One of art’s many valuable properties is its ability to draw people in, and to unite them in their curiosity and mutual love of culture. Many neighborhoods around the country are able to strengthen their communities by organizing “art walks” – events that promote local artists and galleries and invite members of the community to […]

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Art On the Clocktower’s Airwaves

High above New York City exists a gallery unlike any other. The Clocktower Gallery, founded in 1972 by Alanna Heiss, is unique not only because of its location, but because of the alternative, experimental works and artists it is dedicated to showcasing. Located on the top floor of a 19th century McKim, Mead, and White […]

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Do Auction Houses Need More Monitoring?

  It’s auction season in NYC, and that means that in the next few months hundreds of millions of dollars will be traded by the city’s most privileged people. But this season begs a question: do auction houses need more monitoring and regulations? Some say yes, but others disagree. But with that much money trading […]

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NYC Galleries Still Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

It’s been a month-and-a-half since Sandy struck New York City and its art community particularly hard. And still, galleries are struggling to recover from the hurricane. There have been countless volunteers and helpful neighbors to help them along the way, something that’s particularly heartening among so much devastation. Ground level or below ground storage areas […]

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