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The MARTa Museum in Herford, Germany.

Artists Translate Feelings of Shame into Eerie Works of Art

Shame is a universal emotion. Everyone experiences it and yet everyone copes with it in their own unique way. It’s a disconcerting aspect of the human condition. A new exhibit called “The Inner Skin – Art and Shame,” is an artist’s take on what it means to feel mortified. The exhibit, which is on display […]

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A cast of Mino da Fiesole's Portrait of a Young Woman at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

59 Renaissance Sculptures Discovered

Now for some good news! Art historians have uncovered a whopping 59 sculptures from the Italian Renaissance, which had been missing from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow since World War II. These sculptures include works by Donatello, Giovanni Pisano, and Andrea del Verrocchio, among other famous artists. The works were discovered in a flak tower […]

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Monika Grutters.

Germany Will Continue to Research Gurlitt’s Collection

Germany has announced that it will fund another year of research and hire additional employees to continue establishing the provenance of art collected by Cornelius Gurlitt, who had an enormous group of artworks that were collected by his father, an art dealer for the Nazi regime. Monika Grütters, Germany’s culture minister, said that she believes […]

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Jackson Pollock's Number 32.

Pollock’s Number 32 Gets Scrubbed

If you think creating masterful pieces of art is difficult, try cleaning them. One of Jackson Pollock’s premier paintings, 1950’s Number 32, is the subject of a new, innovative cleaning technique. As it advances in age—it turns 66 this year!—the painting has acquired a yellowish tone where it should be white. Luckily, Otto Hubacek, director […]

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