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Museum of Modern Art

The Best of Friends: Ellsworth Kelly and MoMA

Ellsworth Kelly and the Museum of Modern Art—MoMa for short—go way back. Mr Kelly, who celebrated his 90th birthday on May 31st, has had a friend in the museum since the 1959, when curator Dorothy Miller organized the “Sixteen Americans” exhibit, the first to feature his work there. Miller was one of the fist curators […]

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Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly, A Legend Among Artists

Ellsworth Kelly is turning ninety years old. As an artist, that means he’s had plenty of time to create a sizeable collection of work. Painting, sculpture, drawing, posters—none of it falls outside his realm. He’s literally done it all. And no one’s a bigger fan of Mr. Ellsworth’s work than the MoMA, and especially its […]

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NYO-USA includes students from 42 states/

National Youth Orchestra Kicks Off

A cocktail party hosted by Ronald Perelman of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings fame celebrated the opening of Carnegie Hall’s 2013 National Youth Orchestra program last week. Carnegie’s Weill Music Institute brings together each year 120 of “the brightest young players across the country” to create the orchestra, and together they tour some of the world’s […]

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Lindberg was the NY Philharmonic's Marie-Kravis Composer-in-Residence for three years.

NYC Philharmonic Releases Magnus Lindberg Album

Magnus Lindberg was the New York Philharmonic’s Marie-Josee Kravis Composer-in-Residence from 2009 until 2012. During his time there, he premiered several new works, which have now been performed by Music Director Alan Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic. The new album will be released on May 28th by Dacapo Records and will include “EXPO,” “Piano […]

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Top 100 Most Influential Peopl

New York’s Top 100 Most Influential People

The Observer recently released a list of the 100 Most Influential New Yorkers from the past 25 years. And while 100 people might sound like a lot, consider the fact that there are currently more than 8 million people living in New York City, and in the past 25 years many more have also lived—and […]

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This year was the 100th Anniversary of the NYC Armory Show

New York City Armory Show

Last week was New York City’s annual Armory Show, one of the best-known contemporary and modern art fairs. It is one of NYC’s defining art events of the year and happens every March on Piers 92 and 94 in Manhattan. While we still celebrate art from centuries past, the Armory Show puts that aside while […]

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MoMA Digital Member Lounge

MoMA Takes Collections Online With Digital Member Lounge

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is working to extend its reach by creating a new “Digital Member Lounge.” Many museums today have struggled for the simple reason that visitors must come on-site to view collections. But as we’ve entered into the digital age, MoMA has realized that it must follow suit. The MoMA Digital […]

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Washington, D.C.

The Alfalfa Club

This year, the exclusive Alfalfa Club turns 100. Founded in 1913, the club was originally created to celebrate the birthday of General Robert E. Lee, who fought for the Confederates during the Civil War. It did not originally offer membership or inclusion for women or blacks. But these days, things are a little different. Black […]

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Henry Kravis

Cultivators of Culture: Henry Kravis

Henry Kravis is a legend in the fields of finance and philanthropy. After revolutionizing how the world sees private equity (namely leveraged buyouts) Kravis forged on to revamp the way society’s elite give back. Recognizing the power of education and how it fuels social consciousness, movements, and productivity, he has donated millions to both his alma […]

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Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal: A Puzzle Piece for Future Generations

When anthropologists and archaeologists want to acquaint themselves with past civilizations and absorb the information necessary to visualize how people lived in times long ago, they look for historical texts. Whether they come in the form of hieroglyphs, scrolls, or cave paintings, the keys to unlocking values and lifestyles of past cultures lie in the […]

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