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The Rolling Stones went on their 50th Anniversary tour this year

2012 Moments in Culture to Remember

The past year was full of culture sensations, some more worthy of our attention than others. Twenty-twelve brought us many successes and failures, revelations and metamorphoses. Let’s start with music culture, where we enjoyed the 50th anniversary tour of the Rolling Stones. Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen joined hands to raise money for victims […]

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New York City

Some Attractions Open, Others Still Closed in NYC

After NYC’s major shutdown of public attractions following Hurricane Sandy, most are finally open once again. But not all of New York’s big attractions have opened their doors again—and it might be a while for some of them. The National Sept. 11th Memorial & Museum reopened this week, though it had to shut down temporarily for the Nor’easter […]

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MoMA Helps NYC Preserve Art

The Museum of Modern Art knows how hard NYC’s’ art community was hit by Hurricane Sandy. They also know that, since they’re experts on the subject, they’re the best help around for artists and galleries struggling to preserve damaged art. That’s why it wasn’t long after the storm ended that MoMA partnered with the Conservators from the American Institute […]

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NYC storm brewing

NYC Slowly Coming Back to Life

The past few days, New York City has been largely shuttered and locked up, as residents prepared for and endured Superstorm Sandy. The damage wreaked by the storm is incredible and still being added up. But Wednesday, October 31, saw the city coming back to life once more. Slowly but surely, life is resuming in […]

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NYC after Sandy

Working in the Face of the Storm

While Americans may be labeled “fat” and “lazy” by some, those who have done their research know that the latter, at least, isn’t necessarily true. Ignoring the fact that there are lazy people in every culture, no matter how hardworking it is in general, Americans are far from the laziest when it comes to work. […]

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