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A photo of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Art App

Hollywood A-lister and avid art collector Leonardo DiCaprio has just invested in a new app called Magnus. The app has been described as “Shazam for art,” as it allows users to quickly identify artworks much the same way the Shazam app can pinpoint music, movies, and television shows. “Visual art is a powerful tool for […]

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book on beach

Summer Beach Books and New Novels to Get Lost In

Just because nearly everyone else is dusting off their old copies of “The Great Gatsby” to bring to the beach this summer, that doesn’t mean you have to. Sure, the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is a classic, but the hype from television and film leads most people to only read what they can also watch, […]

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Contemporary Styling Inspired by the Great Gatsby

Critics and moviegoers may have a multitude of opinions about the film’s soundtrack and acting, but what’s indisputable is the fantastic 1920s-era styling of this spring’s much anticipated film, The Great Gatsby.  The film’s garments make bold statements with their vibrant and rich textures and shapes, creating unexpected layers of dimension in every scene. Costume […]

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