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An illustration of Bob Dylan.

Should Lyrics Be Considered Literature?

When Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, it sent shock waves throughout the writing community. Never before had a musician won the prestigious award. Because of that, the reaction from the public was pretty split. Some people rejoiced while others argued that lyrics don’t qualify as poetry. But here’s the thing. Bob Dylan […]

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A set of books with Spanish titles on a bookshelf.

New York Public Radio Sponsors PEN World Voices Exploring Mexico Today

New York Public Radio is a sponsor of the upcoming PEN World Voices Festival, scheduled from April 25 through May 1. The festival will celebrate Mexico’s rich literary culture with performances featuring authors from around the world. June M. Carson, a philanthropist noted for education and conservation work, Anton Levy, managing director at General Atlantic, […]

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BOMB Shares All Facets of the Artist’s Voice

Do you remember the first time you flipped through the pages of an art zine or independent literary publication? There is a feeling one gets when holding something so prolific, so unique in their hands; the delight and intrigue that art journals radiate is such a drastic departure from the glossy, throwaway magazines that dominate […]

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When Picture Books and Adult Literature Collide…

Lovers of books know that there have always been many forms of literature. From science fiction novels, to romance stories, anthologies of poetry, young adult dramas, to classic fiction aimed towards an adult reader, the possibility of genres are infinite. Though less common, the intersection of picture books, typically intended for young readers, and grown […]

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Printed Books Remain Resilient Amid An E-Book Revolution

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”  ~Charles W. Eliot With the rapid rise of e-books, and modes in which to read them like the Amazon Kindle, NOOK, and other tablets, literature as we once knew it has […]

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