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A pianist playing in Washington Square Park, located in Manhattan.

60 Public Pianos to be Placed Throughout NYC

Sing for Hope is a New York City community service organization. “New York City is the cultural capital of the world–and yet too many residents lack regular and affordable access to high-quality arts programming,” a statement from their website reads. As a small part of their effort to correct that deficit, they’re placing 60 art-piece pianos throughout […]

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A photo of a swarm of pigeons flying between New York City skyscrapers.

Glass Pigeons Adorn New York City

200 more pigeons almost sounds like the last thing that New York City needs. But not when those pigeons are made of fused glass, decorating unlikely spots like lamp post skirts and bus stop shelters. The artist known only as GB began as one of New York’s many souvenir vendors, making the glass pigeons and […]

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A photograph of vibrant, colorful graffiti covering a brick wall.

New York City Graffiti Tours Becoming More Popular

Once upon a time, graffiti was viewed as vandalism. But those days are long gone, and in its place are tours that are honor the craft. Graff Tours, based out of Queens, was the first graffiti tour company to open in NYC. Gabriel Schoenberg, who started Graff Tours, was a student at NYU when he […]

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NYC skyline in black and white

Sharing Models

SITU Studio is an architecture firm based in Brooklyn. Architecture firms are the source (in various ways) of a lot of the many, many public art works across New York City, but this one seems special. Self-aware, maybe. “Sharing Models: Manhattanisms,” was conceptualized by SITU Studio and realized by the Storefront for Art and Architecture. […]

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Street art by Hanksy

Hanksy: Punster Street Art in NYC

The Donald Trump presidential campaign inspired a lot of strong feelings across the country. Trump has been the subject of countless satirical pieces. One that became quite a sensation was a piece of art done on a wall in New York City. It was a mixture of Donald Trump and the poop emoji used on […]

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A clean photo of the Intimisms exhibit.


Intimism is a genre of art (and occasionally literature) depicting close, confined, intimate scenes, often with emotional weight and implied story, often of the domestic sort. “The Bedroom” by Van Gogh would be an example, though he would not have identified it as such. The term came about just a little later, with artists like […]

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A photo of a colorful sculpture in the park.

Model to Monument

In a public ceremony on June 16th, seven up and coming artists from New York City’s Art Students League will reveal their new sculptures. They are the sixth year of Riverside Park South’s “Model to Monument” program. And its last. But don’t mourn: M2M has filled the park with nearly 50 sculptures since 2010, some […]

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An aerial view of Central Park on a sunny day.

David Shrigley’s “Memorial”

David Shrigley has a reputation for art that is usually a joking riff on everyday themes. Like a pair of rebar lovers coupling on a car hood, or a Darth (Dar) Vader mask with huge googly eyes. But much of his art has meaning just below the surface, like his large quilted lettuce leaf pocked […]

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A pigeon over a white background.

Fly By Night Gives Pigeons Their Artful Due

The humble and much-insulted pigeon has been an icon of New York City since the first skyscrapers went up. And now, thanks to artist Duke Riley, public arts organization Creative Time and their Fly by Night project, it’s the pigeon’s time to shine. Riley, 43, has been raising pigeons for twenty years. He has Homers […]

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Students work at an easel together.

Art Education On the Rise in NYC Public Schools

A new study conducted by the office of New York State controller Thomas P. DiNapoli found that almost all new high school graduates have completed mandatory art lessons. The study examined data from New York City’s Education Department, and the numbers are significantly better than they were only 4 years ago in 2011. Now, 95% […]

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