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An image of the city of Detroit.

‘Detroit Grind’ Exhibit Now on Display in New York

This spring, New York is celebrating Detroit. The two cities, both with their backbones of industry and bustle, can be considered close cousins despite the several hundred miles between them. And in the heart of Chelsea, New York City’s artistic epicenter, the Rush Arts Gallery is making sure Detroit comes alive for New Yorkers. The […]

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An attractive young woman covered in tattoos.

New Exhibit Explores the History of American Tattoos

Last Friday, The New-York Historical Society introduced a new exhibit called “Tattooed New York.” The exhibit explores New York’s tattoo history, beginning with its origins in Native American culture. Indigenous people used tattoos for one primary reason: to mark themselves as belonging to a certain tribe. But it was also commonplace for warriors to get […]

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A photo of

‘Vessel’: the 15-Story Staircase that Leads to Nowhere

The concept art for “Vessel” looks like a set piece from a future sci-fi film. “Vessel” is a massive honey-comb shape of openings and staircases. It’s going to be a public art installation in New York City, planned for the Hudson Yards mixed-use development. British Designer Thomas Heatherwick intends the massive piece to serve as […]

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A close-up photo of a camera lens.

“Public, Private, Secret” Photography Exhibit

“Public, Private, Secret” is the first exhibition at the newly re-opened International Center of Photography, which has finally found a new home on the Bowery after losing its place in Midtown. The new exhibition, a massive aggregate of every kind of photography from selfies to food Instagrams to war photos, is about photography’s role today, […]

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A photograph of a woman taking down a painting in an art gallery.

Affordable Art Fair Coming to NY This Fall

NYC’s annual Affordable Art Fair is coming to the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 28 – October 2, 2016. More than 500 artists will be showcased at this year’s festival. Featured artwork will include paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. Attendees can browse from thousands of original artwork pieces, all of which are selling at a price […]

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A rendering of Wild Line

Wild Line

The Montauk Cutoff has been a Queens eyesore for years, an unused remnant of the much more widespread passenger rail system that used to weave among the New York streets. It makes a wavy C-shape from the old “Yard A” at its north end to its south terminus where Dutch Kills Tributary meets Newtown Creek, […]

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A man helps a young student with an art project.

Cool Culture Pass

A collection of art museums recently commissioned a study to see the effects of their programs on students, and the results, after surveys of over 300 participants, were striking. Over three quarters of the participants rated their participation in museum programs as teenagers as one of the most positive influences on their lives, over family, […]

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An art piece by Mary Mattingly in which a trash boulder sits on top of a naked woman.

Mary Mattingly, Boulders, and the Police

A woman pushing a boulder as big as she is, made of household things and yellow twine across the Bayonne Bridge from Staten Island to New Jersey–while not technically illegal–attracts police attention. Which is how one of Mary Mattingly’s performance sculptures wound up: with a few cop cameos in the video. She kept them in […]

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A black and white photo of a rail platform.

Waiting for the Night Train

Strictly speaking, the ghostly white sculptures on the defunct New York Central rail platform in Syracuse, NY are graffiti. Duke Epolito had no permission to place the eerie human shapes there in 1982 when he did. But the lumpy fiberglass figures have been there for 34 years now, waiting for a train that has never […]

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A set stage, ready to open.

Find Yourself Here

Take three dancers, add three visual artists, portion them into three trios and put them into the pressure cooker of an art space, and you have Joanna Kotze’s Find Yourself Here, a powerful evening-length collaboration described as “a dialogue between bodies and disciplines.” The multi-media performance will be housed at New York City’s Baryshnikov Arts […]

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