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A photo of a statue. The photo was taken inside the Berkshire Museum.

Attorney General Asks Court to Halt Berkshire Museum Sale

Back in July, the Berkshire Museum announced that it would be selling 40 of its most highly prized possessions in order to fund renovations, expand its endowment, and pursue a “New Vision” plan in which the institution would focus more on tech-driven exhibitions related to science and nature. The works, valued at $50 million, are […]

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wesselmann painting

Feast Your Eyes On Art and Appetite at the Amon Carter Museum

Have you ever considered how much food and art have in common? Cultural trends in both art and dining have changed immensely over time; they both involve passion and innovation, and are visually delectable. An artist cultivates a unique vision for each piece of artwork they create, just as a chef must carefully conceptualize and […]

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