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Fast Forward: Painting From the 1980s

Last Friday, the Whitney Museum of American Art opened a brand new exhibit called Fast Forward: Painting From the 1980s. Those who enjoy risqué and political art will find the exhibit most enjoyable. It’s certainly not your average run-of-the-mill exhibit. In fact, it’s virtually unheard of for any high-end museum to showcase art from the […]

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A photo of painter Kehinde Wiley.

Kehinde Wiley: The Next Big Name in Art

Portrait artist Kehinde Wiley is quickly becoming an international sensation. Wiley’s heroic depictions of people of color have earned him a reputation as being one of the best protest artists of our time. His work is so breathtaking that it’s even been featured on the hit television series Empire. Wiley’s inspiration comes from a childhood […]

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art as activism

Art as Activism: The Merrill C. Berman Collection

Political art, good political art, remains powerful for decades, even centuries. Just think of the phrase “Napoleon Complex.” Everyone knows it means a man compensating for shortness via conquest, but Napoleon himself was no shorter than the average person. Political art of the era fixed that idea in our cultural consciousness, probably centuries still to […]

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